You will need
  • Rattles, rubber toys, specially made bags, various household items.
At first, offer the kid the multi-colored balls or rings and help him to hold them. Give the baby a rubber squeak toy. They can take it in your mouth and squeeze the handles. They are bright and squeaky, and that means all the senses of the baby are involved.
With particular attention to the selection of rattles, especially to the material of which they consist. The first thing that will make your kid a toy is shove it in your mouth, so the harmlessness of the raw materials from which it is made, should not cause the slightest doubt. In addition, the rattle of a two-month baby should have rounded corners and a convenient handle. Preference should be given to the toy made of soft material, bright colors and emits a pleasant, not too loud sound.
To vary the tactile sensation of the child will help special bags of materials of different texture, Packed with the most different to the touch fillers. It can be washed and calcined river sand, dried peas, buckwheat, feathers, straw, etc can be made independently. Make sure that all the seams were carefully stitched, and the fabric is not faded and has not missed content. If necessary, fold the fabric several times. Bags make are small and oblong in form, to the child it was easier to take.
Very useful for kid to explore not only toys, but also some safe household items. Under your constant supervision, let your child to hand painted wooden spoon with a rounded handle, the pompom of yarn, whisk, nylon cap, plastic bottle. Of course, all items need to pre-rinse and pour over boiling water. Household items baby gave to play and our ancestors. In the course went all that the child could not break or swallow. This was done not because the toys were not enough, and in order to as early as possible to introduce baby to the world in which he will live.