You will need
    • sour cream
    • milk
    • sugar
To obtain, in the end, 100 grams of cottage cheese take 150-200 ml of fresh milk. If the child is very small, the milk best to first boil and cool slightly. Unboiled need slightly warmed in the microwave or on the fire.
Take a small glass jar, wash and place on the bottom two tablespoons of sour cream. In order that the cheese was more delicate and soft, the cream have to choose with less fat. The best option is 20 percent.
Pour the sour cream prepared with milk in a ratio of 1:3. Without mixing, put the jar in a warm place for 10-12 hours. In the winter you can put the container directly into the battery. In the summer time for the coagulation of milk requires less 5-6 hours.
Wait until the milk will curdle and thicken. The resulting mass directly in the Bank you need to put in a small saucepan, boil in a water bath. It is necessary that water in which to simmer your cheese, was a little more than consistency, which is in the Bank. Cooking time one hour. When curd in the Bank will settle on the surface and formed a cloudy broth, it's time to turn off the gas.
Remove jar from pan and let cool slightly. Do not wait to curd has cooled completely, otherwise the curd will be solid. Then strain through a sieve or cheesecloth, drain all unnecessary water. Cottage cheese lightly sprinkle with sugar. He's ready.