Consumption of curd

Cheese is a valuable dairy product. It contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances. In addition, it is rich in amino acids, most of which are irreplaceable. This means that they are not synthesized in the human body, but must go along with the consumption of food.

Cheese need to enter into the diet of the child only reached the age of 7-8 months of age. As a rule, already after six months is recommended to introduce solid foods first. First you need to introduce your baby to vegetable purees and cereals, and then gradually accustom him to fermented milk products.

Children at the age of 7-9 months is enough to give 1 teaspoon of curd a day. Gradually, this number can be increased. When the baby is one year of age he should eat 20 grams of cheese a day.

After a year the child will require about 50 grams of cheese a day. 1.5 the age of one year the rate of consumption of this fermented milk product is 60-80 grams and after 2 years - 100-150 grams. After 2 years, the kid did not have to offer curd daily. It is best to introduce it into the diet in about 1-2 days. Weekly rate of consumption of this fermented milk product for children older than 2 years is about 350 grams.

In the winter time it is necessary to give the baby a solution of vitamin D. it is Known that calcium, which is very rich in cheese, is better absorbed in the presence of this vitamin.

Some cottage cheese can be given to children

Babies under one year it is better to cook the cheese yourself. Only in this case, you can be fully confident in its quality. For the preparation of the product you pour into a pan with a little milk, add 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream or some fresh yogurt. The mixture should be kept at room temperature for 2-3 hours.

Then the pot you need to put on weak fire and bring its contents to a boil. As soon as the curd will begin to separate from whey, you need to turn off the stove, and then drain cottage cheese, press it and RUB through a sieve.

Made this recipe the cheese has a delicate and sweet taste. After a year you can gradually introduce into your baby's diet, dairy products are purchased on the market or in supermarkets. Be sure to pay attention to the production date and shelf life.