To get rid of gonorrhea, it is necessary to pass not only the course of special antibiotics, but also to be treated using local therapy. Usually the treatment prescribed by a doctor-venereal diseases – however, many people are trying to get rid of gonorrhea at home. It is quite possible to achieve some positive results, but it should be remembered that self-medication takes a lot of time and increase the chances of getting other chronic diseases caused by infection of the urinary tract.
One of the most popular methods of home treatment for gonorrhea is a course of three times taking the pills "Trykhopol" a day, and intramuscular injection of the drug "Bitsillin" (5 cubes twice a day). The "Bitsillin" should be diluted with the help of novocaine, which also have analgesic effects. During the course of treatment should refrain from any form of sex, not to drink alcohol and to avoid overcooling of the body, at the same time trying to boost immunity with vitamin complexes.
For treatment of gonorrhea in men the doctor usually prescribes antibiotics "Ofloxacin", "Cefixime" and "Ciprofloxacin", taking into account the patient's age and the extent of the disease. In addition to antibiotics, actively influencing gonorrhea, treatment for gonorrhea involves the presence of immunomodulatory and physiotherapy in the form of ultrasound inductothermy, electrophoresis, laser therapy and d'arsonval.
Gonorrhea in women treated with the same antibiotics as for men, but they almost always complement the corresponding rectal candles, special microclimate and douching, which have a local therapeutic effect on the condition of the urinary tract. To date, gonococci have become resistant to the antibiotics penicillin, so a visit to the doctor for the test and identify drugs to which the infection is most sensitive, is the mandatory condition – especially for pregnant women.