Effective treatment should consult a venereal disease. In any case it is impossible to self-medicate. Diagnosis and fight against diseases, sexually transmitted infections, requires a lot of experience and knowledge in this area. Self-treatment can lead to fairly disastrous consequences: dysbacteriosis of the vagina and bowel, liver diseases, as well as the translation of the disease in "sleeping" form.
If you suspect a sexual infection, you must pass tests on the basis of their results will be prescribed treatment. Mostly sexually transmitted disease use of antibiotic drugs. For example, if you use syphilis drugs penicillin group. They are administered intramuscularly or endolymphatic. One-time, daily dose and duration of treatment will depend on stage of disease, age and weight of the patient, presence of other infections.
Need to know what antibiotic treatment has several adverse effects. Often after they are received is observed dizziness, nausea, fainting, toxic and allergic conditions. To prevent such reactions, along with the patient is prescribed antibiotics, antihistamines, for example, "Erythromycin" or medication tetracycline
In the later stages of syphilis used bismuth preparations which are administered simultaneously with antibiotics. In between the courses treatment, and also for pain in the joints, is assigned to the potassium iodide. This therapy is quite effective, it also combine with the stimulating agents, immunomodulators, vitamins.
External therapy in some cases use is not appropriate. Usually it boils down to the hygienic maintenance of the affected places. Sexually transmitted diseases affecting the urethra (chlamydia, ureoplazmoz etc.), the treatment is carried out by the gynecologist and the venereologist together. Methods depend on stage of disease, type of infection, patient intolerance to drugs.