Most often, the term "drying body" is used in the environment of bodybuilders. Before the competition, they "sit" on a diet, to go to big day not only in good shape, but without unnecessary fat. It helps as well to look and to prove his love for the sport.

Often drying of the body women before beach season. It helps to get rid of excess fat, emphasize body lines. But in any case, drying of the body does not mean a decrease in the consumption of liquids.

Three elements for drying the body

For a start it is worth emphasizing that the drying is three interrelated elements, each of which plays an important role in achieving the final result. First, following a special diet. This is the most important factor, without which success is impossible. Second, the reception of "maintenance drugs". They are intended to continue in a given mode for improved relief of muscle. Third, a specially designed training regimen. It will allow to save energy and to keep yourself in good shape.

Very good for drying the body fit for a long run at a slow pace. So, running three times a week for 6-7 miles, it can be very hard to dry the body. Unfortunately, few bodybuilders are able to run a distance greater than 1 km, So running is perfect for those who simply want to look good.


Is to elaborate on the diet as it acts as a major factor in the drying up of the body for gravity athletes.

The whole dietary cycle can be divided into four main parts.

The first part is a low-carb diet. It lasts from one to 1.5 months. The amount of carbohydrate is from 20 to 30% of food consumed.

The second part is a carbohydrate-free diet. Since the body is already used to a small consumption of carbohydrates, their use is minimized. Regarding the duration, we need to focus on the physiological characteristics of man, his state of health.

The third part of no carb diet low water intake. This diet run for a few days before the competition. For withdrawal from the body of water you can walk to the sauna, which will help to speed up the process. It is very important to constantly monitor their well-being, since such a diet is highly dangerous to health.

The fourth part lasts 3-4 days. Is to load the body with carbohydrates, which are easily processed during training. Muscles recover quickly in volume.