The headdress is the main ornament of Russian folk costume. It is a headdress in the form of the crest, complemented by various ornaments.

To make a headdress for your child, you will need:

- a small piece of thick cardboard for making the basics

- fabric tonal core suit

- accessories for decorating (sequins, beads, rhinestones, in General all the tinsel, preferably shiny),

- elastic or ribbon for easy fixing of the headdress on the head,

- thread, needle, glue.

To make the headdress with their hands, take the cardboard and make it the basis for a headdress. The shape of the crest can choose any of the many options available in the pictures on the Internet. Try to make the size in accordance with the size of baby's head. To obtain a symmetrical workpiece, use a template from plain paper, folded in half.

Then the resulting form obtyanite cloth. It is better to take stretch fabrics, like Jersey. To work with them more convenient. Now the headdress, you can decorate. Pick a. Use the available material.

For easy fixing to attach the headdress gum or sew the ribbon, you can use both.

As you can see, in the manufacture of headdress with their hands is no big deal.