You will need
  • Dress or blouse with skirt in green, grey or brown, thread boucle yellow or brown piece of leather or leatherette 0.5 m x 0.5 m, bezel, paper flowers, toy frog
To make the costume frights, you need to make or remake a dress of green, brown or gray. The dress can be any style, but when choosing a model remember that the hem of the dress, however, as the sleeves have cut into "noodles". In addition, the tab on the belt and the dress collar long tape. Material for the tapes, you can choose a contrasting color.
The next stage of manufacture of costume frights is sewing of capes-Cape. Kikimora – the swamp spirit is, so will be quite appropriate all shades of green, brown or khaki. It is desirable to choose a translucent fabric – this will give the image frights shade of fabulousness. Of yarn and strips of cloth to make "seaweed" and tab them onto the cloak.
Bouclé yellow or brown tie foot petal sandals. The thicker the yarn, the more natural it will look like the sandals. From pieces of leather or imitation leather will have plenty of sole and sew them to the sandals. Weave of thread two long plaits and fix them on the heels of "bast". Using these braids sandals fastened on their feet.
Hairstyle frights is different "creative chaos". If the length of your own hair allows, you can tie several ponytails and hard to comb them. Such hairstyle perfectly complement bezel, decorated with a small toy frog and a couple of flowers from fabric or paper. If the hair is short, it makes sense to use a wig. Additional accessories for the costume frights can be knitted "shaggy" bracelets, and staff.
Makeup frights should be selected based on the General color scheme of the costume. If the dress and the cloak of green colour, and makeup should prevail green and olive tones. Will be appropriate sequins that mimic water droplets.