When choosing a seaming key, consider the type of mechanism and method of seaming that suits you in terms of convenience, quality and price. So, automatic keys are very easy to use and help to tighten the Bank in just half a minute: after putting the lid on the jar you put on top of the key and press several times on the lever. One of the most popular among Housewives, semi-automatic seaming key should be rotated several times in a circle, but if the neck of the banks will be uneven and you will be able to tightly close the jar with the canning. Key-snail rolls banks a little longer, because after the completion of the rotation, it must rotate in the opposite direction. The advantage of this key is a uniform pressure of the cap brim to the Bank, and also the fact that with the help of this key it is possible to make the reverse operation is to remove the covers from jars.
One of the most reliable, but at the same time, and expensive, is the closing key with two rollers. A key with clamping devices fixes the jar by turning the screw, and pressing on the handles bends the edge of the lid to the pot, then after the circular motions hermetically closes the vessel. This key will become your reliable assistant and will last for many years.
You can choose any of the listed seaming machines, but keep in mind most importantly — closing key must be durable and high quality, the handle should turn easily and effortlessly and also go comfortably into the palm of your hand.
Keep in mind that closing the keys with the grooves, are more suitable for women because they require less physical effort when rolling. All seaming and key machines equipped with special screws, very quickly tired hands.
To check the quality of the seaming key, do the following: after the closing of the banks inspect the cover, it should not have dents, bumps and other irregularities. Smooth cover, tightly pressed to the Bank, is a guarantee that preservation will be successfully stored, and the key has done its job.
Try moving the lid: it should not change its position, even with the best efforts from your side. Also turn the jar upside down: if the cover will rise up or bubbles will leak fluid, hence, preservation of closed and key is very weak. After that repeat the procedure and install the jar again.