This drug has inhibitory effect on influenza viruses types A and b blocks and prevents their penetration into the cells of the body. At the same time the drug has immunomodulatory effect – increases the body's resistance to viral diseases, reduces the likelihood of complications and transition of the inflammatory process in chronic form.
In the treatment of viral pneumonia "Arbidol" is assigned in the complex therapy. Effective this medicine and during rotavirus infection, in these cases, appropriate concurrent medications-immunomodulators "Aflubin", "Immunal".
The drug "Arbidol" is available in the form of capsules and tablets. To start taking the drug you need in the early stages of the disease when the virus activity is high, and the body's immune system is not yet able to neutralize it yourself.
Timely initiation of treatment can significantly shorten the period of illness. This medication should be taken according to a certain scheme. Timely begun taking the drug in the treatment of acute respiratory infections positive effect is noted after 2 days.
"Arbidol" can be assigned to children from 2 years of age. The dosage should not exceed 50 mg x 4 times a day. Children 6-12 years old can take 100 mg x 4 times daily; for adults the rate of admission of "Arbidol" 200 mg x 4 times a day, between doses of the drug need to keep the same.
Make "Arbidol" before eating, drinking pills water. Capsules are available in higher doses, so it is necessary to recalculate the dose: in the treatment of adults is more convenient to use capsules, and for children pills.
If for any reason the drug had to skip, increase the dose is not necessary, it can have unwanted toxic effects on the liver and kidneys.
During pregnancy and lactation "Arbidol" to take is not recommended to avoid unwanted consequences for the child. For the treatment of SARS it is better to use drugs, acting directly on the mucous membrane of the nose and throat: nasal drops, sprays and ointments. In such cases, the question of taking this drug must be decided by the physician after weighing the pros and cons.
Contraindications to the drug is individual intolerance to its components cardiovascular disease in severe form, kidney and liver failure.