Increasingly, TV screens suggest a variety of medicines, including the common cold. Of course, such drugs as "good", "I", "my", really will help to relieve the first symptoms: pain in the throat, swelling of the nose, feeling the aching muscles, fever, headache. But it is directly "ambulance". Such medicines only solves the symptoms but not cure the cold. Use of such drugs is justified in the case when the disease is only beginning, but before leaving you need to complete urgent business. Experts recommend not to abuse the data medicines, because their composition typically is acetaminophen. When the overdose can cause serious problems with the liver, kidneys and heart.
To ease a dry cough with a cold, which is caused by irritation and discomfort in the throat, taking the recommended mucolytic agent. This so-called class of drugs that effectively and painlessly liquefy phlegm, removing it from the bronchi. For example, "Ambroxol", "Bromhexine", "ACC". It is very important to drink plenty of warm fluids such as herbal infusions, fruit drinks, tea. Possible coughing particularly useful for inhalation of infusions. For infusions, it is recommended to choose breast fees, Linden blossom, eucalyptus, chamomile.
For cleansing the nose with a cold well-deserved popularity was received by such sprays as "Otrivin", "Aqualor", "Akvamaris". In addition, these drugs can be used as prophylaxis after visiting crowded places during the epidemic of influenza. Blocked nose and difficulty breathing should apply vasoconstrictor drops. For Example, "Naphazoline",".", "Galazolin". These drugs effectively relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa. Note: vasoconstrictor drops is not recommended to use more than 7-10 days.
Among the popular homeopathic medicines that doctors often prescribe to patients for the treatment and prevention of colds, - "Anaferon" and "Oscillococcinum". Besides, perfectly proved in the market of pharmaceuticals antiviral capsule "Arbidol", nose drops, "Grippferon", candles "Viferon". These drugs have an immunostimulating action. They are used in complex therapy.
Antibiotics can be taken only as directed by your healthcare practitioner. As a rule, they are discharged in the case, if the patient has a confirmed bacterial infection. Note: uncontrolled reception of antibiotics can cause serious consequences.