The drug is available in a dosage of 50 mg and 100 mg. because of this, it is suitable for different age groups. Most often Arbidol is indicated for immune deficiency in the treatment of pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, flu and other respiratory. In children over two years of a medicine used as complementary in acute intestinal infections and prevention of postoperative complications.
In different situations assigned to the different dosage Arbidol. When in contact with patients with influenza and other ARI as soon as possible to start of nonspecific prophylaxis. Children under 6 years old should drink one capsule of the drug in a dosage of 50 mg, from age 6 to 12 years is granted one capsule Arbidoland 100 mg, but you can replace it with two smaller capsules dosage. Persons over 12 years may take a lump sum, up to 200 mg. A two-week course, during which is consumed one dose of the cure, prevents infection and strengthens the immune system.
If you are in contact with patients with influenza and ARI, but in the city there is a high incidence should be taken Arbidol as a preventive means, but for a different scheme. The dosage for all age groups remains the same as when contact with the patient, but the cure in this case is taken twice a week for three weeks.
If you do get sick, are assigned a therapeutic regimen of medication. In this case, Arbidol is taken every 6 hours for five days. The dosage remains the same: up to 6 years 50 mg, 6-12 years - 100 mg, in older children, 200 mg per single dose.
The effect of the drug is most pronounced if you drink it before meals. Take capsule whole with plenty of water.