Bra made of silicone: the rules of wearing

Silicone bra first appeared in the United States, a quarter of a century ago. Initially, this item of lingerie was invented exclusively for cocktail dresses, but with time firmly settled in everyday life of women.

Silicone bra features two cups, which are joined by the clasp. Inside the calyx are the basis of the adhesive, through which the bra is kept on the chest. With proper care bra its sticky base to withstand about a hundred socks.

For forming a beautiful breast shape and prevent slippage of bra you need to follow a certain order of the actions when putting them on. For starters, the chest must be washed, then dry with a cloth, and then turn to put the cups and fasten them. When removing the bra, too, consistency is important. First, the cups are then loosened, and then turn off (bottom-up).

It is important to know

According to doctors, silicone is the most neutral material for the human body. However, because of its thick texture sometimes brings discomfort to ladies with very sensitive skin. Women with damage, burns, dermatitis or any of the allergic reactions on the skin do not use silicone bra.

Harm to silicone bra can feel pregnant and nursing mothers. During this period, the skin of the breast is particularly sensitive to external stimuli. In such cases it is recommended to use normal bras made from natural fabrics.

Women with large Breasts deprived of the pleasure to use this miracle invention. Basically, this bra is suitable for women with a breast size not more than the third. Long sock are also not recommended. To wear silicone bra can be no more than six hours in a row.

The care bra silicone

To take care of silicone bra is quite simple. To keep the adhesive ability of the cups need to regularly wash them in warm soapy water and should be dried naturally. When washing silicone bra, you should not use brushes and cleansers are alcohol-based. Keep the bra preferably in a closed plastic bag.

In General, the silicone bra can be worn. Along with the advantages of this part of women's wardrobe deficiencies have only exceptional or temporary.