Choosing the right bra

Correctly chosen lingerie can correct the shape of the breast, visually raise it to be bigger. Choosing the right bra is particularly relevant for those women who can not boast of curvaceous, but want to look more feminine and attractive.

Picking up lingerie, you must first navigate to the desired size. For bra are determining the circumference of the torso underneath the breast and the size of the cups. Underwear that will be enough, will create a lot of inconvenience and thus visually reduce the bust, to make it more flat. Too big size bra will support the Breasts in position and will be extremely uncomfortable.

Those who wish to visually make your shape more curvaceous and seductive, it may be advisable to pay attention to underwear, the size of which exactly corresponds to the parameters of women. The Cup can be a little bit more.

Good breast enhancement models of bras that are called Push up. In this linen sewed the bones. Cup bra Push up padded layer of foam. Bone to visually lift the breast and give it the desired shape. Has a huge value as they are sewn. Wrong position of these components will create a very large inconvenience due to the constant friction of the body. Poorly manufactured metal bones can scratch the skin if they are not sewn completely.

The foam is able to visually enlarge Breasts for one size. But bras Push up is another trick. In their cups is additionally inserted small foam or silicone pads. Inside cups manufacturers make special pockets where you insert additional pads.

This technique allows you to visually lift the chest. While support falls on the side parts, so the Push up is considered as in some degree a corrective underwear.

When buying a bra you should pay attention to how close the cups. Their close location allows us to give the Breasts a very seductive form.

The quality of the bra

Choosing lingerie in the store, you need to focus including on its quality. Quality bras can be made of natural or synthetic fibers, but the inner lining fabric should be natural. Synthetic fibers should not be in contact with the skin, as this can cause allergies.

Seams quality of the bra is usually made very carefully. Of them should not hang around the threads. A good bra should not RUB anywhere. Correctly chosen high-quality linens exceptionally comfortable to use.