Advice 1: How to straighten the neck

The curvature of the neck is common, it can be a consequence of birth trauma, and poor lifestyle. This creates problems not only with appearance but also with health and with time can cause headaches. Therefore, it is worth the effort to straighten the neck.
How to straighten the neck
Do head tilts back and forth in each position pausing for a few seconds. Do not use excessive force and do not charge an exorbitant neck, avoid strong discomfort. Do the movement slowly. Dropping the head forward, stretch the neckand back - drag your chin up. Without moving your shoulders, slowly turn your head from side to side several times. Also do the tilt left and right. Complete circular turns of the head 20 times in each direction. These exercises are good in enhancing blood circulation and preventing salt deposits in the neck. They improve the mobility of the neck and provide traction.
Put your hands on your shoulders and press, and the neck , meanwhile, try to pull up. The shoulders should stay in place. Repeat a few times. Sit up straight, squared his feet and pulling socks on yourself, lower your shoulders down and reach the crown up to the minute. Interlock hands behind the back for a few moments, turning back the shoulders. Generally do exercises for the back in General, because posture depends on the state of the entire spine.
When sitting at the computer, try to keep your back straight. Choose a suitable table and chair. Often get up and warm up.
During the day, periodically stand back to the wall, pressing her heel and the back of the head, making sure that the spine was smooth. Move away from the wall, trying to keep the same position at least for a while. Also useful at home to wear on your head the book is an exercise popular among models.
Many podiatrists recommend for good posture and a straight neck yoga, pool and massage. It is really effective ways. Yoga promotes stretching and straightening the spine, swimming strengthens the muscles, massage removes the clamps in the muscles, a skilled therapist can even put in place the vertebrae. In any case, go to a doctor and consult with him about the exercises.
The mobility of the neck is lost not in one day, so the result from it will emerge after some time. Most importantly, continue to work out regularly. So you can avoid serious problems in the elderly.
Useful advice
During the day constantly watch yourself and try not to hunch.

Advice 2: How to fix the neck

Sprains of the neck, typically caused by injuries, the failure of exercise equipment, if incorrect and prolonged position during sleep or when muscle contracture, are very difficult for a doctor specialization. However, some sprains, if they are simple and associated with the "leaking" of the neck or with a long stay in one position, you can set yourself. However, they are not a true dislocation, as it is not accompanied by exploding capsules of the intervertebral joints. Because they are called subluxations.
How to fix the neck
Typical equipment used in an incremental reduction of dislocations of the skeleton, for small joints of the vertebrae of the neck not applicable because this was developed for surgical methods. Sprains of the neck, like any other, there are in excess of the maximum allowable amount of movement or in its speed. Accordingly, this highlights three types of dislocations. This is a rotation that occurs when turning the head, flexor and extensor. They are treated differently, and this process is fully in the competence of trauma. Self reduction is forbidden and dangerous to life.
Subluxations often occur during work or sleep, it is possible to correct independently. To do this several times, overcoming a slow pain, to flatten and bend the head to tilt to the side. To rotate this is not recommended as turning the neck. Can some time (10-20 min) to lie down on a firm surface without a pillow, his head thrown back and attach to the neck warmer. Ask the other person to twist the neck of the impossible, he can only squeeze it to massage movements from the sides, knead and relax muscles. If the pain when moving a very intense, tingling or shooting, you need to consult a doctor, as this indicates the compression of nerves and can be a very big problem when tightening treatment.
To prevent subluxations in the neck joints before work or exercise is recommended to conduct a small warm-up. It is reusable, the same repetition of typical movements of the neck. This flexion and extension, turning his head to the side, circular rotation and tilts right and left. Two minutes spent on carrying out the exercises will largely prevent sprains and subluxations.
In traumatic injuries with violation of the integrity of the vertebrae or muscles, bleeding first aid from the untrained person might only aggravate the current condition. The correct here is only to call an ambulance, and the victim's head to give a stable position without rotating around the axis. You also need to fix the neck, preventing possible displacement of bone fragments vertebrae or damage to the integrity of the spinal cord.

Advice 3: How to straighten a dent on the car

The dent on the car can occur anytime, while driving record plays no role. The reason for the appearance of unwanted indentations on the bodywork or the bumper could be unnoticed at the time a high curb, an iron pillar, etc. In any case, the dent needs to be addressed to return the car again.
How to straighten a dent on the car
Straighten the dent on the car with your finger, if you do not hurt the ribs and the recess is small. For these holes, you can try another way: make sure that the paint is not even microcracks. Only then heat the damaged area with a conventional dryer for drying the hair for 30-60 seconds and then cool the compressed carbon dioxide for 10 seconds. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
Go to car service, if you have dents from snow, hail or falling branches and the paintwork is not damaged. This PDR is a technology that consists in the use of heating, cooling and special suction cups. The repair will be inexpensive. It will take more than an hour for minor injuries, and removal of large dents on the car will take one hour.
Please contact the car service if you have damaged the door or the dent in the car deep enough. In this case, the car will have to leave the repair for a few days. Without removing paint, priming and painting the corrected part here is not enough.
Choose proven services to remove dents on car PDR-method or with the removal of paint. Only skilled craftsmen can make repairs efficiently, and your car will become original appearance. Unskilled employees of the station can harm the car and you will have to spend money to re-repair the dents.
Beware straighten dents on the car yourself, if you don't have basic views about the location of the ribs of the car. Otherwise, instead of one minor pits to get a serious dent on the car, the repair of which will cost significantly more.
Do not work without special tools. Often the work at home computer holes on the car can cause irreversible consequences that cannot be corrected.

Advice 4: How to straighten the wing

Cars are often caught in minor accidents. The result of these troubles are scratches and dents on the front wing. The elimination of damage repairable car on their own will allow you to save money.
How to straighten the wing
You will need
  • - Jack;
  • square extension on the toothed rail;
  • - straightening hammer;
  • - wooden bars.
Remove the wheel damaged the wing. Install the Jack under the Jack strong stand support. Then, under the wing place near the recess for the lights on the stiffener alone any bar. Another place in the rear part of the wing that is on the front shield of the car body.
On the toothed rack of the Jack put a square tube extension. Then place the Jack between the bars and operating them as well as when performing car lift, stretch, pleated, respira wing from the inside. The dent will be reduced on the eyes, a small bump will remain only on the lower wing abortive.
Putting the support on the front side, podejmuje this pothole, lightly tapping with a hammer on the inner side of the wing. Jack it does not loosen. May have decorative raised lines on the wing will be a bit of a bubble. To eliminate it, wrap a wooden rail with a rag, lay it just under the line and tap it with a hammer.
Remember that if the area of the alignment enters the stiffener, to start the leveling should be with him. Edit and nikolajevaite the rib, bringing the line to its original condition, then proceed with straightening other sites.
Once finished straightening, do not rush to loosen the Jack. The fact that due to lack of elasticity of the wing can again be deformed. To avoid this, at the end of work tighten the Jack a couple of clicks, overpowering this deformation-induced elasticity. And then remove it.
In the case of deformation correction method with the alignment as such, almost never used: the wing was stretched a Jack and slightly tweaked at the edge. To align the indentations formed as a result of a side impact on the wing, stretching will not be enough. Needed straightening, with which the "extra" metal that is formed from the stretch will be distributed over a large number of tiny bumps.
Performing a straightening remember that it should start from the edges of the dent and move to the center in a narrowing spiral. For determining the area of the end dents spend it on crosswise straightening with a file, and then nikolajevaite wing from the inside with a hammer with a sharp nose.
Proceed to the alignment of the dents once the metal is tensioned, that is, when straightening the cloth will remove the tops of the tubercles over the entire surface. Conducting alignment straightening "saw", do not be afraid that hole it metal (thickness of the wing is 0.5–0.6 mm). After working canvas level the surface with solder or putty.

Advice 5: What if the neck blew

If you have lost the neck, to the former lifestyle is unlikely to succeed – all movements will be limited and stiff, and turning the head will experience severe pain. A visit to the doctor in such a situation is required.
What if the neck blew

First aid for pain in the neck

If you inflated a neck, you must first relax the neck muscles. This needs to be done immediately, before the doctor's visit. In any case it is not necessary to take drugs – pain they will be removed, but will not solve the problem. So, when purged the neck, first apply a warming ointment, provided by dry heat, the massage, not made sudden movements.

Pick up a good anti-inflammatory drug. When cold the neck cream will activate blood circulation in the affected location and provide good blood flow to the sore muscles. Provide dry heat. This wrap neck thick warm wool scarf or a large shawl. This is best done immediately after applying the ointment.

If the ointment is not available, use a hot compress. To do this, heat the pan the salt, pour in a small cloth pouch. Once the salt warms up, apply it to the affected area. It is important that the salt was not very hot, otherwise the burn can not be avoided.

If I get a stiff neck, do everything to relax the neck muscles. This will fit all known techniques, including massage and special exercises. For seat choose only solid chairs and chairs – it also affects the condition of the body.

Prevention of exacerbations is possible

Even when you get rid of acute neck pain, keep the neck warm scarves, scarves and shawls. The neck need some time to restore a kind of rehabilitation period. This protection will prolong the therapeutic effect and will prevent the likelihood of recurrence of disease.

Take more often a shower – the warmth will help the affected muscles. Use heating pads, in this case, they are irreplaceable. It is advisable not to make drastic and sudden movements – this applies not only to the neck, but the body as a whole. If you smoke, it is better to give up the habit, because nicotine minimizes defenses, and will only get in the way of successful healing. Continue to perform the exercises. Specially designed exercises to do gently and smoothly. But do not overload the muscles, otherwise the pain will resume.

Products to treat the neck alone is not recommended. In this case, help intensive, well-designed treatment. Therefore, once the symptoms manifested themselves, rush to the nearest hospital to the physician.
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