Do head tilts back and forth in each position pausing for a few seconds. Do not use excessive force and do not charge an exorbitant neck, avoid strong discomfort. Do the movement slowly. Dropping the head forward, stretch the neckand back - drag your chin up. Without moving your shoulders, slowly turn your head from side to side several times. Also do the tilt left and right. Complete circular turns of the head 20 times in each direction. These exercises are good in enhancing blood circulation and preventing salt deposits in the neck. They improve the mobility of the neck and provide traction.
Put your hands on your shoulders and press, and the neck , meanwhile, try to pull up. The shoulders should stay in place. Repeat a few times. Sit up straight, squared his feet and pulling socks on yourself, lower your shoulders down and reach the crown up to the minute. Interlock hands behind the back for a few moments, turning back the shoulders. Generally do exercises for the back in General, because posture depends on the state of the entire spine.
When sitting at the computer, try to keep your back straight. Choose a suitable table and chair. Often get up and warm up.
During the day, periodically stand back to the wall, pressing her heel and the back of the head, making sure that the spine was smooth. Move away from the wall, trying to keep the same position at least for a while. Also useful at home to wear on your head the book is an exercise popular among models.
Many podiatrists recommend for good posture and a straight neck yoga, pool and massage. It is really effective ways. Yoga promotes stretching and straightening the spine, swimming strengthens the muscles, massage removes the clamps in the muscles, a skilled therapist can even put in place the vertebrae. In any case, go to a doctor and consult with him about the exercises.