Quartz is a crystalline form of silicon dioxide. Rose quartz is a type of opaque quartz, often it is a delicate milky pink color, but there are deep pink-red shades.

Natural rose quartz usually have internal defects: cracks and zones of various degrees of opacity. These signs can be seen of its natural origin. A main Deposit of rose quartz is Brazil, it is also mined in Russia, India, Czech Republic, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.

It is noticed that rose quartz has healing properties. In lithotherapy this stone is called the "symbol of health", it is believed that it can be used to cure many diseases of body and spirit. In particular, it has a positive effect on the nervous, lymphatic, immune, excretory and cardiovascular systems of the body.

Jewelers usually send a rose quartz in precious metals (gold, silver) and add to it with small faceted stones. Quality rose quartz to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants. From the muddy stones made vases, bowls and small sculptures. For men a great gift would be balls of pink quartz for hand massage and meditation.

When you wear jewelry with rose quartz, it should be remembered that under direct sunlight the stone fades and acquires dirty-gray color. Therefore, keep a rose quartz should be in a dark place, and in bright solar weather it is better not to wear, or to wear for a short time.

There is a risk to buy jewelry with colored quartz. Carefully inspect the product, natural samples are usually paler, and on the painted stones are visible traces of the dye in the cracks.

Jewelry with pink quartz fit women of any age, they give the image of tenderness and lightness. Products with large stones in a classic setting can be worn with a business suit, and "playful" bracelets and a long necklace with a small quartz will perfect to light summer dress.

Since ancient times, rose quartz is used for making love charms. It is believed that unmarried ladies jewelry with this stone promise good and quick marriage.

For couples pendants with rose quartz will be a talisman and will keep the family happiness and well-being. The science of Feng Shui product rose quartz, which stands in the South-Western part of the apartment, to create comfort and to cherish the warmth of the family hearth. Additionally, rose quartz brings good luck in business and is considered the mascot of the people of the art world.