Advice 1: How is pink stone

Precious stones pink great variety. Opal, jade, pearls, garnet, sapphire, tourmaline, agate, spinel, coral are pink. Sometimes these stones are difficult to distinguish.
Pink gems
Rose quartz is not as common as white, but this shade is quite common. One of the most common minerals on earth is quartz, a family which includes many semi-precious stones. A variety of quartz, endowed therapeutic and magical powers. For example, balls of rock crystal are one of the essential attributes of fortune tellers and witches. The stone has a good density, so the cut can be any shape.
Pink garnet - a phenomenon not so frequent, but still happening. Most often, garnet has a darker shades and the pink is called rhodolite. In ancient times it was believed that wearing a garnet can see the path in the dark, in addition, the stone will protect him from evil spells. So many travelers of those times I wanted to take the journey amulet of pomegranate. The most common cut real garnet oval, round or cushion, but can sometimes be found and other forms.
Pink sapphire - the phenomenon is also not the most common. This group of minerals called corundum, and among the valuable stones is one of the leading places. As this stone prized since ancient times around it is a great deal of legends and myths, which give it both therapeutic and magical properties. It is believed that sapphire protects the wearer from envious people and can protect against poisoning. Traveling this stone helped with reflections, so it often took with them on long trips. The density of sapphire is large, so cut it into any shape, even in the cabochon.
Coral is formed from the fossilized skeletons of coral polyps in the oceans and seas. Jewelry in fisheries use red, pink, black and white variety of coral. Jewelry is popular since ancient times, this stone symbolizes immortal happiness. Notwithstanding its softness and fragility, in the world of gems coral is not the last place and is very popular. Pink and red corals from the Mediterranean sea are valued more than others.
Very rare and highly valued pink jade. The biggest reverence of this mineral of any color used in China, where it was attributed to him magical abilities: he valued as highly as gold, and he made the Imperial seal. According to legend, jade is made of the heavenly throne of the Buddha. Small pebbles of jade were often the circulation along with money. Currently, jade is used as ornamental material and a gemstone in jewelry. An important factor in the evaluation of nephritis is the uniformity of the color. White and pink shades are the most expensive and valuable.

Advice 2: How is called the black stone

Black color has always attracted attention, as it was considered a mysterious, almost mystical and, at the same time, solemn and classic. Jewelry with a black stone can be worn with any, the most exquisite outfits. Found in nature in quite a lot of stones in black, the most popular ones are jet, onyx and obsidian.
How is called the black stone
Jet in Greek denotes the black amber. In its origin it is one of the conventional coal. It is a uniform stone, the distinctive properties which include a high density and black gloss. Sometimes it is found as layers in an ordinary brown coal. The stone is easily processed and well polished, acquiring a beautiful and noble Shine. Despite the relatively low price jewelry small size of the jet looks very exquisite. Like most stones, he attributed certain mystical properties. It is believed that he protects the brave and active people. Pregnant women are recommended to wear jewelry with jet for the birth of strong and healthy children.
The name of the black stone – onyx - in Greek means "fingernail". According to the myth, son of the goddess of love Aphrodite while she slept, cut off her nails and threw them down from Olympus to earth. There they turned into stone, which became known as onyx. Onyx belongs to the family of chalcedonies, its distinguishing feature is a kind of braid in the form of several parallel lines. The most common black stones with ribbons of white, yellow and brown. Genuine onyx is considered a stone that combines black and white colors. However, there are fully black stones. A characteristic feature of onyx is a soft waxy luster. Pure black onyx is considered a magical stone. They say that its mirror surface protects against energy vampires, ghosts and demons. According to legend, in the mirror of black onyx you can see the reflection of a vampire.
Obsidian is an igneous rock, made from cooled volcanic glass. This material, which is poured out in the process of eruption. The location of the strips on the stone to judge in what direction flowed streams of lava. Obsidian lends itself well to polishing and has a glazed structure, which gives it a distinctive black color and Shine. In addition to making jewelry, used in medicine, mainly in the quality of the material, from which the following blades for scalpels. According to ancient beliefs, the obsidian has the ability to cause scars. In the East its name is translated as "toenail of Satan" and considered a stone of evil.

Advice 3: Wearing rose quartz

Jewelry with rose quartz and wear young girls and adult women. This stone is a beautiful delicate colors won the hearts of many fashionistas worldwide. Additionally, the rose quartz has healing and magical properties.
Wearing rose quartz
Quartz is a crystalline form of silicon dioxide. Rose quartz is a type of opaque quartz, often it is a delicate milky pink color, but there are deep pink-red shades.

Natural rose quartz usually have internal defects: cracks and zones of various degrees of opacity. These signs can be seen of its natural origin. A main Deposit of rose quartz is Brazil, it is also mined in Russia, India, Czech Republic, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.

It is noticed that rose quartz has healing properties. In lithotherapy this stone is called the "symbol of health", it is believed that it can be used to cure many diseases of body and spirit. In particular, it has a positive effect on the nervous, lymphatic, immune, excretory and cardiovascular systems of the body.

Jewelers usually send a rose quartz in precious metals (gold, silver) and add to it with small faceted stones. Quality rose quartz to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants. From the muddy stones made vases, bowls and small sculptures. For men a great gift would be balls of pink quartz for hand massage and meditation.

When you wear jewelry with rose quartz, it should be remembered that under direct sunlight the stone fades and acquires dirty-gray color. Therefore, keep a rose quartz should be in a dark place, and in bright solar weather it is better not to wear, or to wear for a short time.

There is a risk to buy jewelry with colored quartz. Carefully inspect the product, natural samples are usually paler, and on the painted stones are visible traces of the dye in the cracks.

Jewelry with pink quartz fit women of any age, they give the image of tenderness and lightness. Products with large stones in a classic setting can be worn with a business suit, and "playful" bracelets and a long necklace with a small quartz will perfect to light summer dress.

Since ancient times, rose quartz is used for making love charms. It is believed that unmarried ladies jewelry with this stone promise good and quick marriage.

For couples pendants with rose quartz will be a talisman and will keep the family happiness and well-being. The science of Feng Shui product rose quartz, which stands in the South-Western part of the apartment, to create comfort and to cherish the warmth of the family hearth. Additionally, rose quartz brings good luck in business and is considered the mascot of the people of the art world.

Advice 4: How is a transparent stone

Transparent stones in nature are much rarer than opaque or partially transparent. There are colored and colorless transparent stones. The most popular clear, colorless stone is a diamond.


The chemical composition of this mineral is one of the simplest, as it consists of pure carbon with impurities of oxides of calcium, magnesium and iron. The question about the origin of this transparent and solid mineral scientists to a common opinion have not come. The most common hypothesis that the mineral formed from cooling of mantle silicates in the earth's crust, and the surface was through a series of underground explosions. In nature diamonds are inclusions in olivines, serpentine and graphites. As a result of destruction of volcanic rocks often diamonds are entering the river and sea pebble gravels.

The diamond's unique characteristics and structure, and it is impossible to find two identical stones. Determine the fake and find out the diamond is the stone or rock crystal, is quite simple, if the stone is not in the frame. If you look at the sun through a faceted diamond, you see only a bright dot, and the imitators miss the light completely.


Very wear-resistant and high purity stone, one of the varieties of beryl blue or greenish-blue shade is called aquamarine. The value of aquamarine determines the intensity and purity of color of the stone. The most valuable and rare aquamarine - deep blue or sea green, and the greenish crystals are valued much less.

The cheapest and widespread imitation of aquamarine is a blue spinel, but to distinguish a fake is not difficult, because it has spherical air bubbles. And artificial blue spinel colored by cobalt, and consequently, in the color filter is red.


Often confused with aquamarine Topaz - they are of similar color and inclusions. But Topaz aquamarine characteristic inclusions that resemble chrysanthemum white, does not happen. Glitter and play of the facets of the Topaz is much stronger compared to the aquamarine.

Colors of Topaz is very high. It has tea, light yellow, bluish, pinkish shades, and under heating and from radiation treatment becomes more saturated colors. The most rare and expensive varieties is a natural Topaz, red and pink shades.


The most expensive and precious transparent stone in the world is ruby. Perfect rubies of large size in nature is rare, so they cost more diamonds. But in the market there are a lot of synthetic rubies grown by different methods. To distinguish without special equipment synthetics from real stone it is practically impossible, but enough to know that a large and clean rubies are rare and most often are not offered for sale in the ordinary jewelry stores.

Advice 5: How is the wedding in 40 years of marriage

It is customary to give the names of the anniversaries from the date of the wedding. The fortieth anniversary of living together is celebrated as a ruby wedding party. A symbol of the holiday is the precious stone ruby. Therefore, when designing the event often use the color red.
A bouquet of ruby roses a mandatory attribute of the fortieth anniversary
Wedding anniversary is celebrated by people all over the world. Everywhere their traditions. But there similarities in the celebrations. For example, it is customary to give the anniversary name. So the first wedding anniversary called calico. The tenth anniversary somewhere called tin, but somewhere pink. Twenty-five years of living together is a silver wedding.
Not all anniversaries have names. Although it is sometimes customary to celebrate even the "intermediate" date. For example, 6.5 years is celebrated zinc wedding; 12.5 – Nickel wedding; 37.5 - aluminum.

The fortieth anniversary

If the couple had lived together forty years, each of them at least sixty years, maybe more. It's already retirement age. Adults are not only their children, but, perhaps, grandchildren. So, there are many people who are happy to gather and congratulate the heroes of the occasion.

Fortieth wedding anniversary is a beautiful name ruby. Its symbol is the stone a ruby. It hardness is inferior to diamond. With what is not with him, to compare a strong marriage, lasting four decades.

Most rubies are bright red. This stone relates to the fire element, he personifies love. Indeed, the feelings of the spouses tested over the years, and if the light of love is not extinguished in forty years, he has nothing to fear.

From the fortieth anniversary of the Golden jubilee for close to ten years. Many guests, family and friends will certainly want a married couple to reach this date, health and devotion to each other.

How to celebrate ruby wedding

Big holidays can not do without gifts. If desired, the spouses make a gift to themselves. They exchange the updated rings. Because the event symbol is the ruby, I decided to inlay engagement rings with rubies.

Expensive and memorable gift will be earrings, a red ruby ring for the wife, tie clip with the same stone – for my husband. Of course, it is very expensive at the cost of things. They are usually guests give together in advance.

But it is possible to present something more democratic. However, preference is given to things red. What would it be, wine glasses or a vase of red glass, bed or table linen the right shade, or maybe something relevant hobby of the spouses to decide the guests.
A great addition to gift flowers red roses.

If the celebration is expected many guests, the evening is being held in a cafe or restaurant. We must take care that the design was consistent with the symbolism of the holiday. But at home, nothing will prevent to choose the white tablecloth and red table napkins, decorate the room with red balloons in form of hearts and even red curtains.

However, here is not to overdo it with color and symbolism, not to break out beyond the limits of good taste. But, ultimately, everything must be done so that the party liked and remembered by anniversaries.
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