Many people today are overweight. It prevents lead a normal life, to enjoy free movement. Moreover, when excess weight suffering from cardio-vascular and skeletal system, deteriorating immune system.
In order to lose weight, do not have to torture yourself with diets, refusing most foods. It is sufficient to monitor the consumption of food, thoroughly chew it and pay attention to vegetables, fruits.
Of course, this won't be enough to balance the weight. Have to exercise to be able to return to normal.
The best sport for weight loss – beg. During the run are used all the internal organs and systems. If this is possible to do yourself without paying money for visiting of sports halls.
For fast and guaranteed weight loss you need to run at least six kilometers at a time. If you run only two miles, recovery of normal weight is a long one. Only prolonged stress causes the body to "eat" it.
Good for slimming fit yoga and Pilates. These types of suitable for people who don't like to run, preferring quiet activities. During training special attention is paid to proper breathing, mental and muscular relaxation.
Aerobics of any kind is also beneficial for weight loss.
Training with weights will immediately help you to lose a few extra pounds. This leaves the excess fluid. Then the process will go slower. The fat will gradually be processed into muscle mass. Some bodybuilders managed to bring himself back to normal in six months.
To lose weight with exercising, it is important to train at least three times a week and not less than received, giving yourself a rest in two days at the weekend. It is desirable not to eat after your workouts at least a couple of hours until the process of "eating" fat and toxins. Plus, you should pay attention to the water that you drink. It should be clean and soft. Sometimes just drinking negatively charged water helps to lose a few pounds.
A nice option is to alternate aerobic exercise with quieter loads. For example, on Monday to run in Wednesday to do weights and Friday to attend a Pilates instructor. Over time, the load will be transferred easier, which will allow you to add periodic Jogging in the morning.
Very successful fight against excess weight helps to jump rope. Ten minutes of jumping on the load on the heart, respiratory system and feet is equivalent to thirty minutes running. Besides, crunches and sit-UPS much faster drain excess fat.