Advice 1: How to pump and fast to lose weight

A slim muscular figure not just decorate, it is a sign of good health. It is often the figure is the main criterion of assessment when they first met. That is why a growing number of people committed not just to lose weight but helps build good muscles. If you approach it correctly, it is possible to do everything at the same time.
How to pump and fast to lose weight
Don't try to lose weight through a rigid diet. If you are going to lose weight more than 1 kg per week, the body will slow the fat burning process. A sharp reduction in the caloric content of your diet will signal for the body on the onset of hard times, and thus the energy supply in the form of fat can not spend. In addition, you will not have enough energy to accelerate the growth of muscle fibers.
Reassess your nutritional guidelines. In order to eliminate the fat, reduce daily calorie intake by about 10-15%. Make the meal fraction. Five to six meals enables your liver to fully translate the incoming calories into kinetic energy, without putting anything in reserve.
For active growth of muscles need protein. Therefore, low-protein diets absolutely do not fit. In your diet should be high in lean meat and dairy products. Start the day with porridge or muesli. Slow carbohydrates contained in them will allow you to reduce the caloric content of lunch and dinner by 5-10%.
Eliminate from your diet TRANS fats, smoked meats and fast carbs contained in confectionery.
To get rid of subcutaneous fat, you need regular aerobic exercise. The best way to lose weight is interval running. Alternate Jogging at a moderate pace with short accelerations. Very good helps us to consume the reserves of lipids Jogging on an inclined surface. Run on rough terrain, or install angle of 10-15 degrees on the treadmill. The duration of the run should not be less than half an hour. It is this duration of a load is required to enable the mechanism of fat burning.
Three times a week, spend strength training. This is necessary for both men and women.
So that the muscles grow faster, carry out basic exercises aimed at the elaboration of a large number of muscles at the same time. Narrow focused exercises need only professional athletes, bringing your muscle features to perfection. Your favorite exercise should be deadlifts, chest press, squats, pull-UPS and push-UPS.
Working with free weights helps to build muscle mass than using machines. This will allow you to perform exercises even in the most poorly equipped gym. Bar and set of dumbbells of different weights are there.
Before proceeding to independent strength training, consult a fitness instructor. The effectiveness of the most basic exercises depends on correct implementation. Take the money on personal training to learn proper technique.
Be sure to do in between strength training at least one day of rest. Otherwise, you can "score" the muscle. This will cause muscle growth to slow down significantly.
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Note that the higher the percentage of muscle in your body, the faster your metabolism. What muscles are the main consumer of calories. This means that with increasing muscle mass, accelerating the process of fat burning.

Advice 2 : How to lose weight and burn fat, working out in the gym

The gym is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and at the same time to get a beautiful figure with muscle definition. However, to achieve such a result is possible only if systematic training and well-built system of training.
How to lose weight and burn fat, working out in the gym
Consult a professional trainer. As the anaerobic and strength training necessary to carry out strictly under the supervision of a professional. He will select the right for your figure and level of training system of training and insure against injuries that you can get from excessive load and incorrect execution of exercises.
Visit the gym regularly, and not in the mood. To achieve the result it is advisable to exercise at least three times a week. And ideally every day, working out different muscle groups. You should start gradually, with each week increasing the load to the body and the body does not get used to it.
Exercise at least one hour a day. This must combine strength exercises on development of muscles of anaerobic exercise, which helps burn fat. It is best if the exercise is to start on a treadmill or exercise bike, where to deal should be no less than 30 minutes to start the process of burning subcutaneous fat. Then must go a set of exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups, and finish is again anaerobic exercises on a treadmill or stationary bike.
Eat right. Remember that wearing down yourself in the gym will have little effect if there are burgers. To lose weight, a comprehensive approach is necessary. Here's why you should limit the consumption of food, giving preference to fresh vegetables, meat and fish. From time to time you should also eat foods containing complex carbohydrates, e.g., pasta from durum wheat, or grain dishes. However, it is better to use in the morning and in the evening give preference to protein foods.
Try not to eat two hours before exercise, or during classes will be burned only calories consumed, but not subcutaneous fat. Last the body begins to use only in the case that the energy nowhere to take more. Also, do not eat anything for hours after a workout, as the body after exercising some time, the processes of fat burning.
Do not worry if at first the weight will not go away, because you not only get rid of fat but also gain muscle mass. Despite the fact that the scale will remain in place for a long time, the fat will gradually be replaced by muscle mass. Over time you without harm for health will be able to boast shapely, and most importantly – fit body.

Advice 3 : How to lose weight and build muscle

At the same time to lose weight and build muscle is very difficult, and this process will take a very long time. But the desired result of improvement of figure can be achieved if you exercise regularly and restrict your diet.
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How to lose weight

Consume fewer calories than they consume. Professional fitness trainers call this a negative energy balance. The point is simple – the body gets less food than is needed, and for this reason starts to use the "emergency" source of energy – fat.

Accelerate metabolism. The higher it is, the better food is digested and the faster displays without forming fat. To increase metabolism eat often and in small portions. And fluid intake increase to two and a half liters per day.

Eat a healthy diet. And the consumption of foods that contain fat and sugar, reduce to a minimum. Fat pork, fat-containing dairy products, cakes and pastries, chips and other snacks, fizzy drinks – all these "Goodies" insurmountable barriers stand in the way of getting rid of excess fat.

Reduce the amount of food consumed, but not fast. Because fat is emergency energy to which the body is drawn in periods of long-term starvation, short-term diet and refusal to eat at all to anything will not lead. Once returned its original diet, weight will be restored. In order to really lose weight, it takes a long time to eat less.

How to build muscle

To dry and stretch muscles, make them flexible and relief, exercise and cardio workouts. During the power part of spent glycogen and then the fat begins to "burn" immediately. Why strength training first, then running, jumping, jump rope, cardio. And all the time control the amount of calories consumed. During drying of muscles well-used amino acids. And don't forget pre-workout to warm up, and finish your workout with stretching.

But to really increase your muscle mass, which is especially important for men who need to increase caloric intake. And calories the body needs to do not only by protein but also carbohydrates and a small amount of fat. In this case, get rid of the excess fat, but lose weight highly unlikely.
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