Haircut "Cascade"

The main advantage of the haircut "Cascade" is that it makes even the most hair volume. Haircut has many variants. For example, cascade locks can begin at any level, as the top of the head and chin. Each strand will be longer than the previous, thus the hair in a haircut reminiscent of a waterfall. The cascade may be gentle and soft or sharp and speed.

Another form of the haircut "Cascade" is a "Double cascade". The essence of this technique is that each rung of the ladder of hair separately filaroidea, and have the roots done the calibration that maximizes hair volume.

Cascade looks good on any length of hair. This haircut can be done on long hair, while not losing the length, and the short and very short hair. A long cascade literally revitalizes hair. It can be worn with different types of bangs. For example, chubby girls are the stylists highly recommend oblique bangs and girls with an oval face in the middle of the cascade and thick straight bangs.

One of the variants of the cascade for long hair – this haircut "Ladder". It makes your hair well-groomed appearance and dynamism. With that haircut the hair can be spun inward or outward, depending on the type of person. If it's evening look, and the hair gathered into a high ponytail, then have the opportunity to produce along individuals a few strands. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion for several years, while remaining the same feminine and at the same time very simple in execution.

Cascade hair of medium length allows you to do more interesting and unique hairstyles. You can pull the hair with a special hair iron for styling, giving the contours of the hairstyle is strict definition. If the girl has a massive chin, then it will hide the curls, twisted inside, and a narrow face can be visually enhanced if spin locks out. In addition, you can style your hair using curlers and get an extraordinary romance.

All the charm of hairstyle will accentuate hair coloring in bright colors. Cascade looks great with the highlights. Light strands will give a visually more density to the hair.

Other types of hair styles for thin hair

Along with the cascade is very relevant haircut is the haircut "Bob". The essence of this hairstyle is that the back hair are cut very short, but closer to the face length increased. Haircuts became popular thanks to Victoria Beckham. Bob could be of various lengths: as the middle ear and to the chin. For this hairstyle are characterized by clear contours.

Another popular and universal in all times hair is Kara. It has many variants, and it is suitable for any type of face and hair structure. Classic length Kare - to mid-neck, and the maximum to the shoulders.