Love yourself for who you are, will help correct the hair. It is best to trust the hands of a professional, who even from the thin "feathers" will make the lion's mane. But something you can change yourself.

Ideal care

No one hairstyle for thin hair will not help if you wash your head with shampoo wrong and ignore the additional funds. Since thin hair have to wash almost daily, the necessary sulfate-free shampoo that will not harm the structure of locks.

Definitely need to use conditioner and mask for volume, which can be applied to not only the tips but also on the roots, then thoroughly washing the vehicle. In addition to the hairstyle for fine hair look lush, need to abandon the wax and styling gel in favor of the ultra-light oils, sprays, lotions and mousses.

In addition to external care, you need the inner enrichment of the body with Biotin. To do this is to use mushrooms, eggs, beans, liver, fruits, nuts, milk.

The reference length

Keep in mind that haircuts for girls with thin face should be neither too short nor too long. Ideally, it is the curls fall below the chin or hair shoulder-length. Hair below the shoulder blades long and impossible to keep straight, it is better to curl them into the hair, creating extra volume and thereby distracting attention from the thin face.

Examples of hairstyles

Best layered haircuts for thin faces and thin hair, for example, a cascade of shoulder-length. This hairstyle visually rounds the oval and lift tresses at the roots.

It is also possible to make elongated caret below the chin. To shorten a long face, you can use the straight bangs covering her eyebrows. Will fit beveled side "torn" bangs. Importantly, the forehead was not open.

Haircut for thin face and fine hair if the hair below the shoulder blades have to be milled. Or it is better to make a big wave. "Chemistry" will help to kill three birds with one stone – make visually oval face is fuller, will lift the curls at the roots and give the owner of the hair of femininity and sweetness.

Also pay attention to the color of the hair. Blondes can always achieve a greater visual volume than brunettes. Besides, red and melirovanyh curls will revive the hair, smoothing the thin angular features of the face.

To conclude, we can say that of an elongated oval and thin hair essential medium length, oblique or straight bangs, thinning or large curls, and a bright shade of tresses.