You will need
  • - Hairdryer
  • - hair gel or wax;
  • - Lac;
  • - round the comb;
  • - flat hairbrush;
  • - the hair straightener.
Wash your hair, lightly Pat dry with a towel. Tilt your head down and using a hair dryer dry the hair, moving from the crown to the tips. Then using your fingers place the hair. Apply to your fingers a small amount of wax or gel and style tips, turning them inside. Note down all the laying varnish.
To get a holiday hairstyle with the haircut "cascade", apply foam on washed, slightly damp hair. Make sure that the foam was applied evenly, at the same time avoid a large number of styling products in one place. Dry your hair with a hair dryer and a comb, observe the direction of movements from the top to the tips. If possible, pull individual curls at an angle of ninety degrees. So the hair will become more voluminous. Take a round brush, twisting the hair inwards or outwards, put the tips.
Wash the hair, slightly dry with a towel. Then take a round hairbrush and hair dryer and dry the hair, podrachivaya the tips that are on the face line – inside and the rest outside. To increase this hairstyle necesite the hair on the crown, slightly raise and place, creating a sleek curvy shape. Fix the result varnish.
Make your changes and add spice to your hairstyle with the help of the experiment with a middle parting. Here you need to experiment and pick different hair and different face shape change parting looks individually. To make a smooth parting, safesite wet hair back and divide the edge of the flat combs into two equal halves. Comb need in the direction from forehead to crown. Similarly, can make the parting on the right or left, changing only the line of separation of the hair.
Make hair, using the hair straightener. Dry the curls the regime of warm air, then apply on hair tool thermal protection. Pull them utjuzhkom, observing mode according to the instructions of your device. Create your image, being in a good mood. Then you will succeed quickly and beautifully.