Spray roses – plants are simple, require minimal maintenance, furthermore, they are resistant to frequent changes of temperature and air humidity. These plants can delight the eye with its flowering until the first frost. In order to grow shrub roses in your garden plot, you should know some simple but important rules.

Features of planting, soil and proper watering

Spray roses should be planted in areas protected from the wind. These plants are very light, so for planting, it is advisable to choose to plot only the Sunny places. The soil for a comfortable and stable development of the plants should be rich in organic matter.

Sometimes the soil is too "exhausted" because of frequent planting and transplanting of other plants, so roses are well established and consistently developed, it is possible to "revive", adding some sand, compost and wood ash.

Considering that the rhizome of roses is usually located quite close to the surface, with earth in the field planting this plant it is necessary periodically to take care of, cleaning it from weeds and debris. The key to a lush flowering of the rose is also periodic tilling the soil.

Spray roses are not particularly picky about watering, so it makes sense to intensely moisten the soil only in the spring. Summer watered the roses need only when necessary – if it is very hot weather and no rain for a long time. Before the onset of winter to water the roses should be very rare, not to provoke the growth of new shoots of plants, which usually die under the snow.

Some recommendations for the care of shrub roses

Order spray roses steadily developed, the plant will need to be trimmed. To do the cutting should have some time after planting. So, if young and fragile plant formed buds, then you must delete them.

Also in the spring to do pruning of damaged and weak shoots, to remove shoots with dark bark, because the unnatural color of the bark of shrub roses can be a symptom of any disease. We should not forget about the pruning of dead stems.

To protect rose from any illness, it is time to remove fallen leaves, since their decay is formed a great number of various pathogens. Furthermore, the plant is periodically fed by adding to the soil around the shrub fertilizers. The optimum fertilizer for spray roses are potash, phosphate and nitrogen.