Miniature roses are a compact dwarf shrub height 10 to 40 cm Flowering this rose a few times per season and abundant, delighting gardeners with small flowers, 2.5-5 cm This kind of bushes is very popular in Europe, where they appeared in the 1800's 1810гг. Order miniature roses thrive and develop in home conditions for them need proper care.
Once you purchased a miniature rose in the store be sure to transplant it into fresh soil and the same size as the flower pot.
If your plant bloomed for the first time, don't let the Bud to unfold, be sure to presidnete it. Only after brewing the first Bud on the stem, you can safely give a miniature rose blooming. Many varieties of roses pinch per season 3-4 times, for miniature roses is enough 2 times, then your plant will delight you with the lush and abundant flowering.
In summer, the miniature roses can be moved to the balcony or loggia, but do not forget about timely fertilizing, watering and hoeing.
Healthy leaf color miniature rose – dark green. If you notice pale yellow or pale leaves, is a sign of disease of the shrub, or violation of the favourable conditions of cultivation. For the rehabilitation of potted roses need 2-3 feeding of trace elements and fertilizers (boric acid, molybdenum, manganese, iron salts). The only contraindication to the fertilizers miniature roses – chlorine and ammonium nitrate, it can kill your plant.
In the summer, don't forget about daily watering the plants, but in winter, to water it 1 time a week, moderately. When watering miniature roses be careful not to flood the root system, otherwise there will be decay. In winter, stick to watering via the tray.