When to plant roses

Plant roses in spring or autumn. In the spring, once well warmed soil, you can start planting flowers. For the middle band the best time – spring, southern autumn. Planting time: from mid-September to mid-October. There are cases where roots do not have time to take root, and then the Bush dies. Seedlings are bought later in the autumn, better was added dropwise until the spring, at the same time to shorten the stem and up to 30 centimeters to crop roots.

Planting roses

All seedlings before planting it is advisable to disinfect in a solution of copper sulfate: for 5 liters of water 15 g for 20-30 min. to Prepare the planting pit size 60 x 60 cm is Better to fill it with nutritive mixture. Roots slightly trimmed, and dipped in a solution of clay. Set the seedling, cover with earth and sealed. Watering should be abundant. Top mulch with peat. On each shoot should remain up to 4-5 buds, the rest of the crop.

Care for a rose Bush

Bush rose quite demanding in care culture. A properly planted seedling should be time to feed, professionally crop to treat pest and disease, cover for the winter, in time to open in the spring. When planting, roses should be placed convenient to care for them. The frequency of planting depends on the shape of the bushes. The average distance of between 1-2 meters. The growth of spray roses may turn into a blooming fence or wall. Varieties of roses with large flowers look great in the individual plantings.

Roses are heat-loving plants. Therefore, it is necessary to put them on the lighting better in the first half of the day. Close proximity to the trees is also not desirable since they take food, shade them and it affects flowering. Roses don't like shade, so in such conditions can often ill. It should be protected from North wind by the wall of the house or shrubs.

The care of shrub roses is reduced to the periodic weeding, fertilizing during the growing season, including foliar, moderate watering, spraying and proper pruning.

Abundant flowering of the Bush and its intensive growth depends on the timely cropping. It is necessary to remove shoots in the center of the Bush and actively growing, and weak branches.

All this will contribute to a better aeration of the Bush and will have a positive impact on his health. You should form an attractive crown and remove the dried parts of the plant, remove the dry shoots.

Preparing roses for winter

With the onset of cold weather, you should choose the right time for insulation of roses. It is necessary to remove shoots and not ripe to shorten ripened. Cover the rose Bush loose soil no more than 10-15 cm