You will need
  • - mineral fertilizer;
  • - cuttings;
  • - slips;
  • - root suckers.
Re-pot a tea rose in a sheltered place. The basic rule of change – ensuring the fertility of the soil, thorough preparation of the soil. The place where you plan to put a tea rose, carefully dig to a depth of 20-25 cm, Make a complete fertilizer before use read the instructions carefully. Currently in specialized stores for gardeners can buy a complete fertiliser to prepare the soil before planting the flower beds.
Direct transplanting tea roses need by transshipment. A Bush with a lump of earth deepened 20 cm, tamp the soil around and pour. If rose high enough to tie her for the first time to the trellis. Bush hybrid tea roses great root without additional supports. Most importantly – provide a systematic watering and temporarily shade the newly transplanted plant out of direct sunlight. After three days of artificial shade can be removed.
When transplanting roses, you can use cuttings, root suckers. Reproduction is performed by dividing the Bush. All manipulations need to transplant in early spring or late fall. During flowering tea rose can be transplanted only by transshipment. Note, however, that the plant will bloom again for at least next year.
Transplanting roses from cuttings is somewhat different. Each stalk is cut off at an oblique angle of 45 degrees, 1.5 cm Prepared cuttings seedlings rooting, covered with cellophane for the first time. As soon as and get stronger shoots, transplant them to a permanent place by transshipment.