Gone are the days when full range of dental services were limited to filling cavities, removing those teeth, to heal which alone would be too problematic, and prosthetics. Modern people are aware of the need to carefully monitor the health of the oral cavity, which includes a procedure such as hygienic cleaning of the teeth.

What problems will help to get rid of hygienic teeth cleaning?

This procedure is intended to thoroughly clean the teeth and intervals between them from food, long-standing plaque and even Tartar. Some people do not consider this cleaning something from the category of necessary things, believing that it only allows to make your smile a little more aesthetically appealing. In fact, the emergence of dental calculus and enamel darkening due to the occurrence of persistent plaque on the teeth which cannot be cleaned at home – this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Such a warm, dark and damp space, like the mouth of a man, is a perfect environment for breeding all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms that may cause considerable harm to his body. If fully healthy-feeling mouth they are not able to stay long, the plaque on the teeth and Tartar, they can stay on long enough, actively multiplying. Neglect of hygienic cleaning of the teeth can at least lead to various gum diseases and tooth decay.

That includes hygienic teeth cleaning?

In order to get rid of all the deposits on the surface of the teeth and to return the last natural color, used special apparatus, which with the use of professional abrasive toothpaste gently polishes teeth. Previously installed seals are also subject to polishing, allowing you to make them more sturdy and durable. Then, using an ultrasonic scaler neat oscillatory movements removed plaque; using a special nozzle allows to remove even hard to reach areas.

The final stage of professional teeth cleaning is coating them with varnish. Applied on the teeth crowns three times in two days, the varnish helps to prevent cavities on the teeth for a period of 6-8 months.