You will need
  • roulette;
  • paper;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
Start with the measurements of the room. Measure the width, length and height of your kitchen. Record all the results. To draw the draft of the kitchen competently and professionally, you need to make drawings of the premises in different projections (top view, side view and 3/4).
Draw a detailed plan indicating all dimensions, including all projections and recesses, door/window openings and other elements present in the kitchen. Don't want to miss and significant bumps in the corners and walls of the room. Such subtleties must be taken into account in the design.
Apply to drawing all the items that you plan to put in a kitchen (furniture, appliances, accessories). Specify the location of the radiators and pipes that are suitable to them.
Consider the diagram water and gas and sewage. Show on the plan the location of taps and valves, ensure easy access to them.
In the case when the desired arrangement of furniture and equipment do not coincide with the layout of water and gas provide the flexible hoses. Make sure that nothing interferes with the placement of interior objects.
Take care of the supply of food. Consider lighting, location and number of electrical outlets. Sketch the wiring diagram.
Draw the plan thoroughly. Provide direction of opening of doors, tables and wall cabinets, so they do not interfere you to comfortably move around the kitchen in daily life. When planning the height of placement of the hanging lockers, above all, focus on your growth and convenience for you and your family, and then look at generally accepted standards and norms.
Remember the error most frequently made when planning your kitchen interior. Do not break the work surface high cabinets or refrigerator. Do not place the refrigerator next to the stove. Working stove will heat the refrigerator, it will be more likely to be involved, reducing its lifetime and increasing the consumption of electricity. Also it is not desirable the door of the fridge with sink – water and electricity are not the best combination in terms of security. When designing or buying furniture for the kitchen, take into account the size of household appliances (stove, hood, refrigerator, dishwasher/washing machine).