You will need
  • The knowledge of certain rules and regulations of ergonomics, interiors design, taste and sense of style.
Measure the area of your kitchen. The choice of furniture and its placement will depend on it. Especially for small kitchens.
How to make <strong>draft</strong> <b>kitchen</b>
Then imagine the kitchen to be what you want it to be. Now there are many different styles in which perform kitchen furniture: classic, high-tech, country, Provence, fusion, modern, etc. will Stop on any variant of the style. It needs to match the decor of the apartment as a whole.
Minimalist architecture
Mentally arrange all the furniture in its place. The only, perhaps that might limit this – the continuity plate design with work surfaces. Otherwise, it will choose you. When all the furniture apart mentally, select a spot for a refrigerator and a dining table.
How to make <strong>draft</strong> <b>kitchen</b>
The next step is to transfer this designprojectthat you created in your mind on paper. Scale can choose. First you draw a regular plan of the kitchen indicating the available sizes. In the same scale, specify the location of appliances and furniture. The second picture will represent the image of the kitchen "from the front".
The most important is the last picture. It your kitchen has to appear in three dimensions. All. The project of your future kitchen is ready. If you're proficient in graphic computer programs, the project dishes to do in one of these programs. It will be very impressive.
How to make <strong>draft</strong> <b>kitchen</b>