Make measurements of your kitchen. Pay special attention to where you are pipe water fittings, gas riser duct of the ventilation shaft sill and a battery. Measure the corners and doorway. Keep in mind that all repairs have kitchen facilities (alignment of walls and ceilings, waterproofing and laying the floor, the transfer outlet or gas pipe) must be done prior to drafting.
Define for yourself what kind of appliances you want to use. Need exact dimensions of all built-in appliances: TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, stoves. Depth and height of built-in appliances from all manufacturers General, kitchen units under them are doing a standard size, so you just need to know the width. Regarding the refrigerator, measure its width in the open state, because when you open the door can reach 3-4 cm in size. Make a plan for location appliances. Check prevents them something to open to close.
Consider the height of your kitchen units, to determine the height of the wall cabinets and apron (wall panel between the countertop and wall cabinets). The height of tables standard 85 see
Determine the dimensions of the countertop depth. In the presence of built-in appliances on any side of the headset depth should be at least 60 cm in the absence of built-in appliances in choosing you limit the size of the mortise of the sink and stove.
Draw a sketch of the location of the furniture modules. Decide on the desired number of shelves, drawers, glass doors, mechanisms of transformation; whether you need open niches, cornice, lighting; which side will open one front door.
Select the design of your kitchen, body color, countertops, facades, glass, pens, and other accessories.