Purchase in a specialty store special instrument – hygrometer, psychrometer or household humidity indicator. Distinguish hygrometers, hair, film, gravimetric, electrolytic, ceramic and condensation. Each type has its own characteristics, but one base hygrometric method of measurement or determination of the dew point.The psychrometer is considered a more accurate instrument for measuring humidity. Distinguish between mechanical and electrical psychrometers. Based on the performance of this device, the moisture level is determined by special psychrometric tables or a psychrometric chart. Today, came the so-called domestic (or home) of the weather station. They are digital thermometers with a humidity readout. This versatile tool will show you the air temperature, and humidity, and the upcoming changes in nature.Visit a specialty store, ask for help from a counselor. It will help you to choose the necessary device.
Use one of the methods of measuring the level of humidity in the apartment without any special equipment. Indications, of course, will be very approximate and conditional, however, to determine the degree of humidity in your home they can help you.Fill a small glass with tap water. Put it in the fridge for 1.5-2 hours. The water should cool down to 3-4?C. Remove the glass and get him in the room where you want to know the level of humidity. Install the glass of water in the center of the room (away from the battery if you're doing measurements in winter), its walls should be misted. And then just watch. If after 5 minutes the glass will remain cold, so indoor average humidity level. If after 5 minutes the side of the Cup dry, so the humidity level is low (i.e. the air in the room is too dry). If after 5 minutes the walls misted glass drip trickle, then the humidity level is high.
Watch potted flowers. They can "tell" about the low level of humidity in the apartment. Especially deciduous. For example, monstera, dieffenbachia, Asplenium, fats, pisonia, ficus, etc. At low humidity, the tips and edges of leaves they dry up, become bumagami. Of course, if you regularly spray the flowers with a spray bottle, they can not respond to excessive dryness of the air. But, on the other hand, often sprinkling indoor plants, you increase the level of humidity in the apartment. Thus, flowers serve a good service in the apartments. A large number of living plants in the house itself creates a high humidity air, so that, by varying their number, you can adjust the figure in one direction or another.
Listen to your feelings. If you feel constant dryness and irritation in nose and throat, so the humidity in your apartment is extremely low.
You can determine the relative humidity in the apartment, seeing how quickly dry Laundry hanging in the rooms (if you for some reason have to dry them at home). If linen dries quickly (literally within half an hour, or even less), so in your apartment the air is dry and humidity low. Conversely, if the Laundry is dry for a long time, besides becoming moldy smell, then, in the apartment of very high humidity.
Pitch "hygrometer" with their hands. Take a fir cone. Put it on fanerku. Secure the center of the bumps by using stud or adhesive tape. If the scales will begin to open up, so the humidity in your apartment is low, if the lump for a long time will be in the "original position", it means that the humidity is normal. Well, if in a day it ends will not rise anything up, it means that the humidity level is high.