If you notice changes in health status, do you have allergies and obscure signs of other diseases, then you need to make an analysis of the air in the apartment. Because the housing climate may cause unreasonable sneezing, flu-like condition, aching joints, General weakness and other symptoms of the disease.
For a start, do a thorough wet cleaning of the room, well ventilate all the rooms. Try to maintain normal humidity mode. Buy a hygrometer — a special instrument for measuring humidity. Note that the constant operation of the air conditioner significantly dries the air in the apartment. But high humidity also negatively affects human health. For example, molds that spread in the room too moist, contribute to the development of asthma.
If the humidity is all right, then call the specialists from the center for hygiene and epidemiology. Pre-consider what can cause your discomfort. Maybe you have recently redecorated and plastered walls with new Wallpaper, bought new furniture, painted the floor. And, maybe, near to your house is a busy highway or to the nearby chemical plant. Specify these reasons in your statement. Then the technicians will prepare appropriate reagents. Specialists will come to your home with special devices, take samples of the air. At the same time they will check the air and on the street outside the window.

After a few days you will report the test results. If the apartment will be the excess of formaldehyde, so your house is near a highway. If more ammonia, then blame your animals. Even if they are very careful, and you follow them, still animals mark their territory, and in the air there are molecules of this substance.
Please contact to check the air in the apartment is not only when you feel the deterioration of health, and and when buying an apartment, just to see if she was okay. If the laboratory determines that the air-polluting fumes from the new furniture that you recently purchased, you can sue the manufacturer. Supporting documents you will already be on hand.