Every day in the reports of the weather report the moisture value in percent. This is an indicator of relative humidity. Its value can affect the health of the person. Comfortable he will feel with 40-60% humidity. This parameter depends among others also on the temperature of the air affects the evaporation of moisture. It is measured with an instrument called a hygrometer. Relative humidity is called because it is measured relative to the saturated steam, i.e. steam which begins to turn back into water.
If the air is too humid, then when cooled it will condense, i.e. it will appear to fog, dew, droplets on the surface of objects. In this case, the extra moisture is difficult to evaporate. So in cold cellars for damp. Person with high humidity, as a rule, is colder than at the same temperature, but dry air. Therefore, sea winters are carried hard, and in the middle of the continent, the lowest temperature is less tangible. High humidity causes water vapor begin to collect in drops and fall to earth as rain.
Too low humidity also creates discomfort. And moisture enough in the air, and at high temperatures it begins to evaporate even more. The man sweats, due to this, the body surface is cooled. But the water must be constantly replenished, plenty to drink, otherwise the body may overheat. However, such weather conditions to carry easier than the heat with high humidity. Evaporation of moisture - a normal process of the body, and in such circumstances this process difficult.
The knowledge on air humidity is necessary for those who work with food, agriculture, and virtually in any production. A specific value of humidity is maintained at the same level in libraries, archives, and fluctuations can cause damage to the documents. Damp not carry fabric, some building materials, food, etc.