You will need
  • Personal computer, analog modem, telephone line to receive faxes
For a start, you should verify in the presence of special hardware in your desktop or laptop. To receive Fax by computer you need an analogue modem. It can be purchased at companies that sell computer goods. In laptops for these purposes provides a built-in modem. But in the models the latest generation of laptops such modems are becoming a rarity. It's also possible that your desktop computer has a built-in card analogue modem. To learn about the existence of such a modem are two ways. Look at the back panel of the system unit. There are different jacks for connecting devices. Compare them with the connector of a wired telephone. Try to plug it into the most appropriate hole. If it easily snaps, this connector belongs to the analogue modem. Also it is possible to see the presence of the modem in the software settings of the computer. To do this, press on your desktop computer, right clicking on "My computer" and select the following items in turn: "Properties", "Hardware" and "Device Manager". In the window that appears, review the list of devices that are on your computer.
To receive a Fax on your computer you can use the software the Windows operating system. To do this, click the start menu" All programs list" and then click "Fax and scan". In the opened window, click on the "Fax", which is in the lower left corner. When you first realize the connection, click "new Fax". It is located on the toolbar. Then proceed according to the prompts of the setup wizard. Accepted Fax messages stored in the Inbox, which can be found in the left part of the program.
In addition to the software operating system, with the task of receiving Fax can handle special programs. Here are some of them: "Venta Fax", "Fax Machine" and "Snappy Fax". For these applications, the Internet is not required. Programs allow you to manage your faxes in automatic mode and manual. Thanks to the built in schedule, you will always be able to send a Fax message.