There are two main methods for configuring MFP as a Fax. You can connect to a telephone line multifunction device or computer. First try the first option. It does not require purchasing additional equipment that will allow you to save money. Connect the multifunction printer to a phone line. It is better to use a splitter.
Connect the MFP to the computer and install all the required drivers. Better to use the disk provided with the device. If it is not present, open a browser and navigate to the official website of the manufacturer of the MFP. Scroll to the "Downloads" or "Drivers" and download the software, designed to work with this model of multifunction printer. Install the downloaded program.
Configure the working parameters of the MFP. Open its settings and navigate to "Fax Setup". Fill in the required fields. Be sure to include and disable the "error Correction". Configure the options for saving and copying pages. Save the settings and test the multi-function device.
If you use MFP in the office, and you have miniATS, then there may be some difficulties configuring the device. Try to update the software of the MFP. To do this, visit the official website of the manufacturer of this equipment. Download file-firmware and utility software to update the software.
Run the downloaded tool, select the desired MFP and specify the file. After the update is complete restart the MFP. Re-configure it. Remember that the old model of the multifunctional devices capable of simultaneously performing various tasks, such as receiving a Fax or scan third party documents.