You will need
  • - Fax Panasonic;
  • - paper (or printing paper);
  • - additional telephone.
Configure Fax mode "ANSWERING machine AND/OR FAX, if necessary answer a phone call with the answering machine and automatically receive faxes. When a signal is received on call don't answer: Panasonic recognizes tone Fax tone and automatically receives it.
In the recorded Voicemail greeting will tell the caller that he may leave a voice message after listening to the Voicemail by pressing * and 9 and then send a Fax by pressing the FAX/START.
In office capabilities, connect the Fax machine on a separate telephone line, Fax reception can be realized by installing the device in a mode "FAX". All calls will be treated in the apparatus as faxes. If necessary, change the number of rings after which the Panasonic will work to receive a Fax in this mode.
If you want to reply personally to all phone calls, make the Fax machine have to manually. In this menu select "PHONE".
When you receive the call pick up the telephone. If on the opposite side of the line you hear a long beep of a Fax call or not hear anything, then start. If you had a conversation with the caller, then after mutual consent to the admission document, press FAX/START. After receiving the Fax, hang up the machine. If there is a need to cancel a Fax reception, press the STOP button.
If the Desk is away from the Fax machine, connect it to the line on which "sits" Panasonic additional phone and set it in tone mode. Configure Fax on the remote control. When you receive a call, lift the handset of an additional telephone and to receive a document, press *#9. Fax will receive the Fax, then hang up the extension phone.
If you want to answer calls personally, but to receive a Fax automatically, put Panasonic mode "PHONE/FAX". When a call comes in, the machine will reflect it on the display but will not ring. The device will be in standby mode for a preset number of calls. When the unit will distinguish the tone of the Fax that will take a document without sending the call.
If the apparatus is not determined by the tone of the Fax, it will ring. Answer the call with Panasonic or additional phone connected to the Fax line. The machine activates the Fax function, if a long time to answer the call. Therefore, in order to talk to the caller, press FAX/START.
Some models of Panasonic ensure you receive a Fax polling method that allows you to save money opponent. In this case, to receive a Fax, choose from the menu of the device "POLLING", make sure that your machine has no documents and call the subscriber from whom you want to document. After the signal take the Fax at your machine.