Select the folder "control Panel", go to the line "add or remove programs. You will see on the left panel that says "Installing Windows components". Select this option.
You will see a list of "Masters component" Windows. Select the icon "Fax Service". You will receive instruction "component Wizard", carefully read it and follow its points.
If the installation detected the Fax device, you will be creating a logical printer Fax in Printers and faxes. This means that from any application that supports printing, you can send a document to that printer. The document will be sent by Fax.
Make the setting. Open the folder "Printers and faxes". Now click with the left mouse button on the line printer faxes. A context menu will appear. Of commands, select the button "Properties". You will see five tabs.
The "General" tab reglamentary print quality, settings, and orientation of the printing sheet. It also contains the name of the Fax printer. The Access tab contains the setup to access the Fax printer.
In the tab "Tracking" order your display of a sequence of send and receive faxes. Select a sound notification about calls and file operations.
Open the "Archives" tab and find the location of data about incoming and outgoing faxes.
In the Devices tab locate your Fax device. Select "Properties". You will open a window with three tabs: "Sending", "Receiving", "Cleaning".
In the tab "Clearing" specify the settings for automatically deleting faxes from mistakes.
In the tab "Receive" specify the code of the called recipient. Select "Answer" calls in the situation manually. So you will have full control over answer all incoming Fax calls.
Can set the switch to Automatically after and then enter any number of calls. So the Fax will answer automatically after a specified number of calls.