You will need
  • - a Fax machine.
If you are using conventional Fax machine, dial the number of the phone the same way you do landline: enter the country code, city code and number of subscriber-recipient. In this case, the data transfer service will be charged at the same rates as a challenge to the location of the recipient, such as modem Fax directly uses the telephone line to transfer data.
Please note that even if you send a message to the subscriber, who is with you in the same town, the rule set numberand remain the same – enter the country code, city code and then the room phone (Fax).
If your unit uses the data transmission over the Internet, ask the recipient address to be entered when sending a Fax. It is best in this case to read the instructions before using the machine.
If you need to send a Fax, but you don't know the country code or city, use the special tables that are included in each modern phone book. You can also view the data of interest on the page at the following address: use the following Internet resources:,, and so on depending on the type of information you are interested.
By entering the number of the recipient Fax, repeatedly check the correctness of input data if the sent information is very important. Use the phone memory to make the numbers of subscribers, if such function is provided by the model of your Fax, in the future this will reduce the possibility to make a mistake when typing.