You will need
  • Sturdy shovel, pruner, clay, charcoal, fertilizer, water.
Transplant normally stand of softwood trees. For example, pine, arborvitae, fir, spruce and many others. When transplanting a tree will have to dig out with roots. Note that some trees develop roots that go far out to the sides. If they disturb the tree then can be very ill. Before transplanting, dig around the tree transace width of 30 cm and a depth of at least 60 cm the Roots caught in the trench, pererubat sharp instrument or severed by the shears. Then sprinkle the roots with charcoal or zamazhte garden putty, clay. Tree trunks loosen and add fertilizer. Now the tree is ready to transplant.
Select a location for the transplant. It should be comfortable for the tree in the shade or sun, wet or, conversely, dry soil. Prepare the planting hole at least 15 days before the transplant. Digging a hole, pay attention to the condition of the soil. If she is exhausted, replace it with fertile. The average depth of planting pit: 1 metre. More penetration is not desirable, since the root system may rot. The width of the pit width determine the clod of earth on the roots. Before transplanting to the bottom of the landing pit pour humus.
Proceed to the planting of the tree: insert durable, the shovel dug a trench and try to stick it under the roots. If not, remove a little more soil on both sides of the plants. Try again to loosen the grip of the roots with the soil. When you see that the roots released, move the tree to spread out next to the burlap. Tie the tree with burlap that will keep the ground ball on the roots. Now it is advisable to dampen the burlap with water.
Clutching at the edge of the burlap, transport the tree to the new hole. Untie the burlap and firmly set the tree in an earth pit. Throw the prepared hole with soil and tamp well to the inside does not remain emptiness. Then pour the tree and tamp again firmly. If the soil will be air pockets in the wood can easily move. Watering will be enough for one bucket. After watering the tree every three days for 1.5 months. In tree trunks lay mulch: this will allow the soil to stay moist for a long time.
A deciduous tree re-pot in early spring as soon as the snow melts. Transplant tolerates ash, chestnut, cherry, Apple, Saskatoon, plum, quince, pear and many others. To protect the bark of the transplanted tree from drying out, tie it to the moss, bark, rags, a layer of straw or cardboard. Transplanted earlier in the spring the tree will cut all unnecessary branching. If you have the opportunity to make a shade tree after planting, make sure to do it. So the root system will recover faster and will come in accordance with the above-ground part of the tree. Also after the transplant, it is recommended that additional watering rooting stimulants - "IAA", "Carnevino" and others.