Eminent American scientist-anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, working on issues of love for thirty years. According to the results of his research, Dr. Fisher publishes his scientific papers. One of these papers describes the nature of love. According to scientist, love is a chemical reaction, which in its development passes through three stages: longing, attraction and application.


It all starts with lust, or that the person encounters an attractive individual of the opposite sex. In the brain triggers the reaction and is allocated a special hormone Hobbies – phenylethylamine. In that case, if your feeling finds a good response, replaced by an even stronger hormone: dopamine is the source of dreams, euphoric, insane acts.

Under the influence of dopamine the person feels a great surge of energy. Hormone stimulates, makes the experience very strong, crushing emotions. Power of dopamine can be compared to a strong drug. People experience great shock, which sometimes has an impact on all subsequent life. A particular danger brings dopamine in the case of unrequited love.


The transition from romantic love to physical intimacy is characterized by the release of another hormone – oxytocin. The effects of oxytocin a person experiences very strong emotions. Touching the body of a loved one makes the lover crazy and makes you forget about everything.

Development of oxytocin gradually increases. In addition to this hormone, the body begins to produce endorphins – the strongest painkillers, which can be compared with the action of morphine. The person experiences peace with the one you love. From the point of view of psychology, the period of allocation endorphin is the peak of human love.


To the level of endorphins in the blood are lowered, the body uses the molecule "REA". The action of this molecule is manifested in the need to see, hear partner, to touch him. During this period, the lovers literally can not move away from each other and are very hard to survive forced separation.

This molecule is short – within 2 to 4 years. At the end of this period the production of endorphins stops and love is. The birth of a child extends this process up to 7 – 10 years. Such a time limit put human love nature. Unfortunately, most divorcing families on this frontier.

If love was only a chemical reaction, then no couple would have crossed in their relationship seven years of hell. People who bring their relationship spirituality, have all chances to advance to the stage of Mature love. Feelings such as the proximity of interests, mutual understanding, willingness to sacrifice cannot be explained by the allocation of any substances in the body. Apparently, love is not just physical, and this feeling goes far beyond the necessity of procreation. Love is given to man in order to be purified, to become better, kinder, learning to live not only for themselves but for others.