First of all, to truly love, you reach the age when such love is possible. Of course, love all ages, but love is very different and for a truly Mature love still needed to grow up.
Create the conditions under which it is possible to love. Often love is impossible without certain conditions, such as social (i.e., the environment in which we live and educated people), family, financial, utilities and so on.
Understand that Platonic love is very, very rare kind of love that is found mostly only in books. Love is always associated with some of its physiological manifestations, do not be afraid of this idea.
Think carefully and determine what characteristics should have your object of love. How old he must be, how it should look, what it should be interests – think about all the details.
Only idealizes in his mind the image of the future lover, do not make too high demands, otherwise seek a partner for a relationship you will be a very long time. After you make a rough portrait of the beloved, try to find a suitable candidate in your circle.
Don't try to buy love. Even if you have lots and lots of money. You can buy manbut not his love – it never works.
If you start a relationship, remember that in a relationship both partners need to become better and happier. If you feel that one of you begins to pull the other down, it is unlikely that such a relationship can turn into something good.
Do not try to change the object of his love in accordance with the views that you have about him. If the person does not meet some of your requirements or if you are not satisfied with some aspects of his character, you better learn to accept them. It is quite possible that your beloved person is something you will not arrange. Imagine how will you feel if he wants to change you? Learn to accept each other for who you are.
Don't let the object of his love is bad to deal with you and humiliate you. If you let him do that even once, then you simply will not be able to convince him that you can't do it.
Don't become dependent on a loved person. You both must depend on each other equally.
Drop the jealousy. Bouts of jealousy all straight, constant surveillance, hysteria and pressure on the loved person will not allow to build normal relations.