Take a Cup with clean spring water. For this you can go to the reservoir, in the woods or a lake where you know the whereabouts of springs. Then find strawberries or strawberries. This berry in your potion will embody love. Buy a small candy made of white chocolate and the same of black. This candy will symbolize Yin and Yang – the feminine, that is you, and men's. Then melt the chocolate, pour it into a glass of spring water, add strawberry a berry and mix well. Mentally, like chocolate combined with each other, and you and your lover will live in peace and harmony. Drink this potion and then write something nice and gentle to your chosen one. He will feel the love energy of your words and reciprocate.
Fill the glass with drinking water and tell the water your wish. Better come up with a quatrain, in which he will indicate everything you want to in real life. You should not resort to verbal materials with different shamans or fortune tellers that can be found on the Internet. Desire individually and not like a dream of other people. Compose what dictates you is your sense and a warm heart. Once you come up with the hex on the water, say it three times and drink a half Cup. The other half should drink your significant other. Do not forget to mentally recite your poem, yet your sweetheart will drink cooked water.
Brew a tea from the petals of flowers that you associate with the lofty sense. Perhaps you'll choose rose, chamomile, chrysanthemum, Jasmine. And perhaps herbs like mint, Basil, tarragon. Rinse well with collected grass, dry and brew them with hot water. Drink slowly, diluting the tea with cold water. Imagine your loved one close, feel his smell, remember his words. So, one day he shows up on your porch.