To receive this certificate, have the right to all citizens of the Russian Federation and other persons who have resided in the country legally. His results run specialised antenatal clinics, help determine the future mother after 30 weeks of pregnancy and a medical examination by the attending physician, who shall ascertain that the woman is indeed pregnant. In that case, if you have chosen for the management of pregnancy is not a state hospital, you will need to come with a relevant certificate issued by another medical institution in female consultation in a residence.
In accordance with established States standards for obtaining a birth certificate need a relatively small set of documents. It is the internal Russian passport (in the modern world are rare, but still have a place to be times when going to give birth to a woman up to 14 years. In this case you will need a birth certificate), insurance policy, medical insurance, the certificate of pension insurance and exchange card, outstanding a pregnant woman by staff in the antenatal clinic.
While the lady in position does not need to be trudoustroeno, as the issuance of birth certificates is in any case. Also not uncommon for the lack of a pregnant woman, CBOs and social security number, in this case, the document should still be issued, but provided the reasons for their failure to submit.
From the unfairness of some health professionals to be insured, knowing the following – obtaining a birth certificate is absolutely free. They are guaranteed 11 thousand rubles, while the woman has no right whatever way to cash out this amount. The latter is not direct financial aid, and intended to pay it to the generic institution, which planned the appearance of the child on light.
It is also possible that the birth took place suddenly, and the mother in a particular minute in a birth certificate. In this case, the state requires the medical facility to go to meet the woman in labor who needs to inform about available securities, and the management of the clinic or women's consultations should take measures to obtain birth certificates, that is, to make appropriate requests. Also absolutely no significantly, what the account you have a baby, as the expectant mother has the right to receive a birth certificate for each of them.