A generic certificate was introduced to improve the quality of health services for not only pregnant woman, but also to the future baby. Thanks to the birth certificatefrom pregnant women are entitled to free vitamin complexes, preparations of iodine and many other essential drugs.
The composition of the generic certificateand the counterfoil, which confirms his results and remains in a medical facility and 3 pass:-pass No. 1 – to remain in female consultation which observed the expectant mother during pregnancy;
-card No. 2 – remains at the hospital where passed childbirth and post-Natal care of the mother and of the child;
-card No. 3 is sent to a district clinic, which will be assigned the Supervisory responsibility for a newborn baby in the first year of his life.
The generic certificate is a valuable document, containing information about giving birth, location, time, date of delivery, as well as information about weight, height and volume. what is the gender of the newborn baby.
To receive the patrimonial certificateand have the right to all women with Russian civil citizenship, as well as a foreign citizen, permanently and legally residing on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Issued a generic certificate on the 30th week of gestation with singleton pregnancy and at 28 weeks in multiple pregnancies in the antenatal clinic, where women were registered for pregnancy and childbirth.
To obtain a generic certificateand mom should submit the following documents:-passport;
-insurance certificate of state pension insurance.
The amount of the generic certificateand in 2011 is 10 000 rubles, of which 3,000 rubles receives a Sorority, which experienced a pregnant woman at least 12 weeks 6000 rubles receives medical institution where the birth took place and 1000 receives children's clinic, which provides oversight for a newborn baby.
It should be noted that the generic certificate is not subject to cash. And even if a woman is used a paid services to pay their generic certificateof ω is impossible.