The causes of sleepwalking

Some people believe that sleepwalking is a rare mental illness. This is not so. Somnambulism is a form of nervous disorder, which largely affects children and adolescents. Adults have it much less frequently.

This disease is most common in sensitive people, because their brain has certain characteristics. They are prone to the formation of pockets of excitement.

The person who suffers from sleepwalking, it is best to consult a doctor. He will direct the patient to be examined, which is likely to include an electroencephalogram. If you find the presence of foci of epileptic readiness in the temporal lobe, so somnambulism is a sign of epilepsy. Externally, people suffering from this disease, restrained and calm, but in fact they are quite emotional.

The cause of the sleepwalking may become high temperature and also chronic lack of sleep. Stress can also lead to sleepwalking.

In children the bouts of sleepwalking can occur when they're worried about something. The brain of a child is difficult to sustain a high number of impressions and all sorts of information. He continues to treat her at night when he needs to relax, and the mind in a disabled state.

If you believe the research results, sleepwalking may be inherited. When both parents are affected by this disease, there is a high probability that it will occur in children. It is absolutely necessarily that he would walk in my sleep. To somnambulism may occur in the movements of the arms and legs or talk.

Treatment of sleepwalking

If the attacks of somnambulism are rare, and they are quite harmless, a doctor likely won't need. But it will be just necessary when a person wakes up regularly and often.

The treatment of this disease consists primarily in the observance of certain rules. For example, the patient needs to respect the day, to rest and eat, to avoid the various overloads. You should also learn to relax before bedtime and to fall asleep in complete silence.

If the form of sleepwalking severe, the doctor prescribes sleeping pills and sedatives. For example, quite popular Klonopin, ProSom, Trazodone.

In the case when the cause of sleepwalking is a disorder to get rid of the attacks is possible only through treating the root cause. Children can get rid of somnambulism with premature interruption of sleep: to avoid attack of a child just awakened in some of its phases.

If you know that the person is prone to sleepwalking, take measures in order to protect him and others. Make a night of cutting and piercing objects, lock doors, Windows and balcony door. Before bed you can put a bowl of water or a wet cloth. It can Wake a sleepwalker.