The main task of ensuring trouble-free existence falls on the shoulders of his wife. Not because it says "Domostroy" just women are by nature more flexible and easier to adapt to circumstances. If the wife in conflict situations shows the same stiffness as her husband, there's a family problemthat will eventually grow like a snowball if not addressed.
The root of all these problems lies in nearly one – husband not feeling the head of the family. Women need to understand that a man walks up to her. not because he is a fool and a scoundrel, but because he is desperately fighting for the right was the family. Give him this place. Why is it you? Women's role is to be the grey cardinal to be neck, which gradually controls his head. Methods women in the manipulation, not in a direct fight.
In most dysfunctional families, the woman does not want to be "second fiddle", and she goes after what she wants by force: forcing your husband to do what she wants, nags him, if he does not fulfill her desires, makes him feel guilty. Some results, of course, she achieves, however, the husband feels humiliated in this case and is doing everything to take revenge on his wife. If you don't want a husband who does everything under the lash, let him be a man. Stop command and maybe you will see that it can cope with the main role in the family.
Get a habit to praise your husband for all he does for you and for the family. Praise him sincerely and not for show. Man the air must be female admiration. Then he will be happy and will make happy you. In addition, praising her husband, you will feel how your attitude towards him.
If you value your family, solve all the problems not from the point of view of "good for me", and think which option is most appropriate for your family. Adopting this approach, the woman is very easy to keep silent when you want to say something, it is easy to accept a solution acceptable to all when it comes to spending money, and it is easy to find a compromise in hundreds of previously intractable issues. If the first place you will be not "I" and "we", the husband is sure to appreciate your efforts and will also be much more flexible in solving many issues.