Why we don't want what you have? Why are we at some point stopped to appreciate what surrounds us? To answer these questions immediately, no serious thinking person can be difficult. However, even despite the fact that the answer is actually simple, take some time to accept it. Is the answer in the following. Sometimes we don't appreciate what you have, because we have ceased to be important values, reaching which, we've got it all. Over time it appears that work status by itself does not mean spiritual satisfaction, and money alone does not bring happiness. At the time of the reassessment and reevaluation of their priorities, it is time to seriously think of another question.
What we really want? The outward simplicity and stereotyped this question to answer it is much more difficult than any other. After answering it, be honest with yourself, and even that honesty requires some internal work to the answers received were as honest. Maybe this will help the fact that this question is raised by people who don't have to think about the financial welfare and financial matters. In the end, there comes a time when the business is taken care of, but in his heart does not feel satisfaction. So there is no need to deceive ourselves and be freed from the burden of necessary purchases of material things for happiness, looking for other, deeper answers to this question.
In man from birth hidden talents. The world is arranged so that everyone, realizovyvali playing its own role, to the extent possible making it better. This happens as if by itself, the main thing – to understand and accept their nature and to act in accordance with it. And then the question: "How can you have that?" will no longer have to worry, because before we open great opportunities and previously unseen roads to achieve these goals.