To make glowing shoelaces with your hands, do not have to be the inventor or doing lights. All you need is a fluorescent paint or silicone tube that can be easily buy from the market stalls with lighting fixtures.

How to create glowing shoelaces using paint

To create glowing shoelaces, you can use fluorescent and phosphorescent paint. They are sold in stores led technology, and in the departments with stationery. To achieve the desired effect, you must soak the regular laces in this paint and then allow them to dry in the sun.

If you want to use to paint the shoelaces phosphorescent dye, keep in mind that it glows only in the dark and only in the case if you have time to charge light energy during the day. So before you go to a party, you need to place colored laces under any light source for several hours.

Fluorescent dyes, in contrast, emit light only in contact with them daily or artificial light source. In the pitch dark they did not manifest itself.

The duration of illumination of the laces will depend on the quality of purchased paint. Too cheap the paint washed off after the first wash. So to save on the purchase of items such as fluorescent paint is highly undesirable.

How to make led light up shoelaces

To make the led laces, you will need 1 tube of silicone, 4 LEDs and 4 batteries-coin. Choosing silicone tube, note its diameter: it should ideally come under the laces to your sneakers or shoes.

Acquired the pipe must be divided into 2 inches (1 m each). Next, the laces are filled with the liquid silicone so the light is evenly distributed throughout their length. At the ends of each cord wires to the outside are sealed led light bulb.

The next stage is mounting the batteries. It is best to hand-solder the battery to outside the transactions of the led. If you want to save time, you can just fix the battery between the wires and to fill it with durable adhesive.

To charge the batteries are not wasted, you can build a small circuit breaker that will interrupt the contact of the led with the battery.

The above ways of creating a "fluorescent laces do not require large expenditures of time and money. The whole process won't take you more than an hour, but in the end you will get a very fashionable and original shoes.