You will need
  • - long cord with a diameter of three to four millimeters;
  • clasp for bracelet;
  • - the tape;
  • - a pair of scissors.
First measure the diameter of your wrist. Next, take up the cord, fold it in half, and then the side in the form of loops through the hole of the clasp. Let's burn the ends of the cord, then cut it in half with the end in the form of loops.
Lay out a workpiece so that the ends of the cords "looked" at you. The upper right end of the cord first miss under the two lower strings, then apply it over the upper right cord. After these manipulations the upper end of the right cord thread through the left eyelet that is received when tying this knot. The cords tighten firmly.
After one node is done, proceed to the formation of the second knot, however it is necessary to perform a "mirror" of the previous one. That is, take up the upper right cord and gently pass it under the lower two laces, and then apply it over the upper left cord. In turn, the top left strap to the right thread loop formed when tying the knot.
Therefore, continue to braid bracelet until, until you reach the desired length (measure the diameter of your wrist).
Once the length is reached (it should be noted that the length of the bracelet needed to include the length of the fasteners, only in this case the finished product will be well "to sit"), carefully tie the other part of the clasp and trim any excess length of cords (all cords can singe flame of a lighter or a candle).
Fasten the buckle: make sure it is in working condition. A beautiful bracelet made of cords ready.