Men's trousers from flax is a classic option for summer. They well allow oxygen, absorb moisture, and are also comfortable clothing for those who are forced in the heat to spend most of their time on the computer. Light, elegant model of trousers created from materials in beige, grey, light brown colours. Currently, relevant not only direct style, but narrower.

Fashion fashion designers suggest to wear this type of clothing with t-shirts in cotton and linen blazers. The only negative quality of linen trousers is that they quickly crumple.

Acid tones

In modern fashion relevant not only the usual gray arrow styles, but also stylish models made from materials in acid tones. Such clothing can easily wear in a restaurant or night club. You will not remain without attention. With the help of bright trousers, you will be able to reveal your personality and style. For work it is desirable to select gray or beige pants model, which will be harmonious look in the office.

Currently current tapered-leg trousers made of linen, called breeches. Most designers prefer to use in their collections these are the models.

Floral prints and patterns

More relevant than the narrower models are only models that are a little bit open ankle. In the new season at the peak of popularity are models of linen trousers, made from fabric with floral prints. Fashion fashion designers often use prints on a gray background.

Men's linen pants model quite elegant look with various geometric patterns: in a cage or a ruler. Thin and tall will certainly suit trousers in horizontal stripes. The designers decided to use in their collections white pants model. The major trend is simplicity, which is expressed in direct style.

Pants for work should be designed in the traditional colors: white, gray, and blue. To meet friends and stay fit linen pants trendy colors: mint, green, red, and coral. They are ideal for trips to the beach. You should consider the fact that linen trousers are not fit for sports because they absolutely do not crease.

Designers today can offer to young people a variety of models of trousers that are made from flax. Linen pants should meet several criteria: they must be practical, spacious, and comfortable. If your chosen store pants meet these criteria, we can safely get them to wear in hot summer weather.